Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween?

Mommy put out this velvet pumpkin today.  Since when are pumpkins made of velvet?
And what the halibut are these things sticking out of it?
Oh noes Bella, I just realized what it means when she brings out a pumpkin!
Oh yeah, I remember what it means too - it's Halloween!
What was that?
It's too early for doorbell ringing goblins Angel but they'll be here soon enough.  Maybe we can talk Mommy and Daddy into shutting out the lights and going downstairs to hide out from those goblins!

I don't mind doorbell ringing goblins but my little sisfur Angel hates them immensely which upsets Mommy.  This is one holiday we dread and hope it's over with soon!  Do you mind the trick or treaters?

We hope you get lots of treats today!
Angel and Isabella 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

This week has been so busy I've only taken 8 naps a day.  Can you believe that?  I've been helping Mommy with tax returns and then working on beady goodies...
I'm in charge of quality control so I approve the beads used in everything.   Those red beads haven't passed my inspection yet...
I have to see how they jiggle with my right paw...
And then my left...
They passed so Mommy can use them in the bracelet.  While she does that, I'm going to take a break and watch some Birdie TV...
Here's the bracelet with my inspected beads...
It's a tough job being an inspector but somekitty has to do it!  What would Mommy do without me?

Hope you have a break filled day!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tortie Tuesday

It's Tortie Tuesday!  As my little sisfur told you yesterday I am feeling much better.  I still have asthma attacks, mostly at night, but overall I'm doing way better.  I've been so alert that Mommy is trying to teach me a foreign language.  Does anyone know what the word "NoBella!" means?
What about "WhatTheHalibutAreYouDoing"?
How about "Ay yi yi"?
This being awake thing is harder than it looks...
Who knew so many languages existed!

Hope you have a lesson free day!

PeeS:  Yes, kitties, that pile of beady goody stuff was just too tempting to not sit smack dab in the middle of!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Hope you had a great weekend!  Our's was pretty busy.  I had to work extra hard to wake Mommy up for breakfast plus I had to help with bracelets.  Since my sisfur Isabella is feeling better, she doesn't sleep as much so I'm trying to teach her how to react to the flashy box since usually she sleeps right through it.  
Okay Bella, give a cute look but don't look directly at Mommy...
I said DON'T look directly at her...
Now look to the right...
Look down...
Hey, wait a minute Angel!  Are we ignoring the flashy beast or are you just pulling my tail?
Well, whaddya know.  She caught on much quicker than I thought!
Hope you have a relaxing start to your week!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Finally Friday

Once again we're glad it's Friday!  We've had a busy week taking care of Mommy and also helping with tax stuff.  This weekend we get to play with beady goodies and help make bracelets for all the special requests we have!  That's way funner than taxes!  If your mom is one of those waiting on the bracelets, just know that in between rain showers we'll be taking breaks to watch leaves fall...

And birdies too...
Of course neither one of us enjoy this time of year as much as our sisfur Sadie did...
We hope whatever you do today and this weekend that it fills you with joy!  Be sure and spread that joy and a smile or two to others!

Happy Weekend!
Angel and Isabella

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kitty Nurses

Mommy started feeling icky last night so decided we're not working on tax returns today and she missed her first exercise class in 3.5 weeks.  Instead, we're on duty to nurse her back to health!  I'm tap, tap, tapping on her forehead every half hour to make sure she doesn't have a fever.  In between this health check, I'm keeping a close eye on her...
Isabella is working hard as the holder downer...
It's a tough job being a nurse but somekitty's got to do it!

We'll post and comment when we're able to.

Hope you're feeling well today!

PeeS:  Last night, Isabella had her first big asthma attack since last Friday night after starting the inhaler.  Mommy was pretty out of it due to her cold meds but it was bad enough to wake her up.  We're hoping they don't start up again since she has had a few smaller attacks too. She is much more alert and is even awake more often than she has been so we can tell she's feeling better.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tortie Tuesday

If I don't move, maybe no one will notice me...
On second thought, of course everyone notices me.  I'm a Tortie!

Hope you have a purrfect Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Phew!  What a weekend!  It started off cold and rainy but turned warm and sunny so of course we enjoyed the sunpuddles...
But, it wasn't all relaxing.  Mommy got motivated to finally make new jewelry in order to prepare for a craft show so we helped her make a pair of earrings and five memory bracelets.  Can you tell we inspired her?
All five bracelets sold already so thank Cod the craft show isn't until December!  We'll be helping her make more so keep an eye out for them!

As for how my sisfur Isabella is doing, well, she was actually awake more this weekend but I'll let Mommy fill you in on her...
Mommy here:  We started Isabella on her inhaler Friday evening since her asthma attacks happen mainly at night.  Her daddy held her while I tried to figure out the AeroKat.  I had washed it and the little flap that shows her breaths wasn't quite dry so she was patient while I got it dry enough to work.  When the puff happened on the inhaler she jerked her head back and her nose came out of the cup at the end of the AeroKat but it was put back on quickly.  She took 10 breaths of the inhaler, however, that night she had three attacks and one was a lot worse than usual.  Saturday evening's dose went better and we were prepared for her jerking her head back so it never came off her nose.  She again got 10 breaths and although she seemed more active afterward, she had two short attacks within an hour.  Unless she actually got off the bed, we didn't hear any attacks at all Saturday night and none all day yesterday.  We're hoping this is a sign it's working and the attacks will be gone soon.  We're very thankful she's so mellow and we're hoping she continues to cooperate.  We thank everyone for the purrs!  They are working!

Hope you have a uneventful, lazy Monday!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Finally Friday

This has been quite a week and I'm glad it's over!  Well, at least I think I'm glad it's over.  We got a delivery yesterday...
I'm pretty sure I'm not going to like whatever it is!  Mommy keeps saying I'd better because it cost so much.  She was warned it'd be expensive but had NO idea just how expensive!  The AeroKat was $54 and the inhaler thingy that goes with it cost $194 from the pharmacy!
WHAT?  You spent how much of our treat money on HER!
This thing isn't even made of tuna!
Mommy asked Daddy if I was worth it - dumb question huh?  They both know I am!  The real question is if I'm going to allow it anywhere near my Tortie face...
We shall see.

Hope you have a better Friday than it appears I will!

PeeS:  Mommy here, we were shocked at the price but there's 120 dosages and she's to get one a day so it's 4 months worth or $1.60 a dose.  It is a lot of money but if it helps, it'll be worth it to get her off the pred to avoid future health issues which could include diabetes.  At least that's what I told myself when the pharmacy told us the cost!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tortieness Update

I wanted to update everyone about what we found out from the new v-e-t but I'll let Mommy explain since she let me sleep in (again)...
Mommy here:  The vet said that Isabella does have a lower respiratory infection like bronchitis or asthma.  Her bloodwork came back good and no signs of diabetes but the vet wants her off prednisolone because it's causing her to gain weight and she said in time Isabella WILL have diabetes as a result of the meds.  She recommended an inhaler (AeroKat) so we ordered one and hope Isabella will let us give it to her.  She is extremely tolerate except she doesn't care for having her face touched, especially around her mouth.   The vet seems to think that when Bella figures out it's helping her breathe she won't mind it.  Time will tell but we wish we had done more to get her off the meds before now but we weren't told any different at the old vet.  An inhaler was mentioned but kind of as a last resort thing whereas it should've been the other way around - the meds are last resort!  

Isabella thanks everybody for the purrs and well wishes!  She's making sure she's taking it easy and getting plenty of rest!

Do you have any tips on using inhalers on cats or any experience with asthma?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tortie Tuesday

I'm spending my day recovering from a trip to the v-e-t yesterday evening.  I got loaded up and taken to a v-e-t that I've never been to before.  It started off okay as the lady with blue finger nails kept petting me and telling me how beautiful I am...
But then the door opened and the v-e-t came in....
Although the v-e-t also told me how beautiful I am, she did a WHOLE lot more than just pet me and I sure let everybody know how I felt about it!  I never meow or hiss at home but I was yowling and hissing up a storm when they took me in the back for an x-ray and then they stole my bloods!  Mommy and Daddy wasn't sure it was me they heard since I hardly ever make a peep at home!  

Anyway, the reason I went is Mommy and Daddy are concerned that the old v-e-t has me on prednisolone for asthma without ever testing me for it.  That's why I had to endure the x-ray.  Daddy will get a call with the results today - the initial look showed my lungs are clear so she's having a radiologist look at them today.  

I'd appreciate positive thoughts that all is well with me on the inside since we all know my outside is beautiful!

Hope you have a great Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

I don't know about you but I'm kinda glad it's Monday.  I had a busy weekend snoopervising Mommy while she did this and that.  I also watched movies and Birdie TV and deaded mousies so I'm looking forward to rest today...
I'm so tired that I'm not even tempted to whap the finger sticking up on the side of my scratcher...
Okay, so maybe I'm tempted but I don't have enough energy to reach it...
Nope, I'm plumb tuckered out...
Weekend activities can be a tough but somekitty has to do it.

Hope your weekend was restful!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Finally Friday

Once again we're so glad it's Friday!  This has been a very long week filled with lots of working on tax returns, the noisy stranger building a new deck on our house and of course Mommy's constant whining about sore muscles.  It's Day 5 of Week 2 of her going to classes every weekday and frankly, we're surprised she's lasted this long.   Anyway, tonight is movie night and we've been waiting for this night all week...
It's even better "watching" a movie with my sisfur...
Our sisfur Sadie used to love movie night too...
We're going to enjoy our Friday and keep on enjoying the entire weekend!  Hope you do too!

Do you have weekend routines in your house?

Have a great weekend!  Enjoy extra smiles on Sadieday!
Angel and Isabella

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Perfect Day for Sniffin'!

This last blast of summer weather is providing opportunities for fresh air sniffin'...
And sisfur sniffin' too...
We're going to enjoy open windows as long as we can!  Rain is scheduled to return this weekend.  Phooey.

Hope you enjoy fun sniffs today!
Angel and Isabella

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tortie Tuesday

One of the bestest things about Tortie Tuesday is that I'm able to show everybody that Torties are beautiful...
No matter how you look at us...
I'm just so Tortie-licious!  

Hope you have a beautiful day!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Summer is hanging on a bit longer in our neck of the woods so we enjoyed lots of sunpuddles this weekend...
Oh yeah, we enjoyed a lot of naps this weekend too...
It's a tough job holding down cat trees but somekitty has to do it!

How was your weekend?

Hope you enjoy sunpuddle filled naps today!
Angel and Isabella