Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Features

Welcome to the last Friday Features in August!  I'm on vacation this week so am trying to get lots done which means I'm up in the middle of the night thinking of my to-do list.  This lack of sleep has allowed me to let my left brain CPA side go by the wayside and be more creative.  I'm positive if I was more rested I wouldn't go so far outside my comfort zone as to make something asymmetrical like my necklace I'm featuring this week!  My features are inspired by this purple leafy creation.  I hope you enjoy my picks!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012


This month's Blogging Business Artisans team challenge by Erika from ArtfulRising is all about Back to School.  Well, since it's been so long since Mommy has been in school she had no idea what to do for this challenge idea.  I knew she was struggling so I offered to help...
Do you want to know my idea Mommy?
I asked her to remember way, way back when she used to go to school and what did she remember most about back to school time.  She remembered that her birthday was always after the start of the school year.  Well then, knowing that, here's the inspiration I came up for her...
And she made a chocolate cake with sprinkles No-No bracelet...
Hey Bella, this doesn't smell like cake!
It's more like a chocolate snake...
Of course we didn't have chocolate cake for Mommy's birthday since we can only have vanilla but I think I had a pretty darn good idea.  Here's a look at the final bracelet...
We've made the chocolate cake with sprinkles bracelet available in Mommy's shop here.  I'm sure glad I could help her find the inspiration for it!

What do you think of most at Back to School time?

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Special Tortie Tuesday

Today is Tortie Tuesday and it also happens to be our mommy's birthday!  She's a squizillion and four today! I had our Grandma from Las Vegas help us get the purrfect card for her.  I sent Grandma some telepathic vibes and she got a card that pretty much matched them right down to the ear position...
My sisfur Angel and I are wishing Mommy a very Happy Birthday!
Now, I know in the past our sisfur Sadie had included a photo of her and the birthday girl but I don't wanna make Mommy mad since I want some birthday cake frosting so here's a photo of me and only me, nobuddy else...
I hope you have a treat today to celebrate our mommy's birthday!
Enjoy your day!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mommy Knows Best

My mommy is a professional worry wart.  It's just what she is and nothing we can do can stop her from worrying for no reason.  Well, I am an explorer so I always push the limits so the other day when I wanted to check out something in the closet in her office, I ignored her warning me not to...
No matter what she says I'm not stopping...
She's getting a tad bit louder in her warning but so what, I want to explore...
Turns out the next step was a doozy.  There's no photographic proof of what came next but let's just say my exploration came to an abrupt end with a crash onto the floor.  I fell onto cushions so I didn't get hurt but as much as I hate to admit it, Mommy was right (this time).  

Do you push the limits in your house?  Are your beans worry warts too?

Hope you have an adventurous day!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baby Sadie on Sadieday

Since so many enjoyed the baby picture of our sisfur Sadie that we included in last week's post, we decided to include some more photos of when Sadie was just a little pipsqueak.  We've posted here before how Sadie came to be a part of our family back in February 2001 after being rescued from a very bad place.  Here are photos of her first day with Daddy...
We heard those squees!  Get ready for more because here's another from her first day in her furever home...
She was already showing Mommy that she liked to stroll!  Check out the cute tail action too!
At the time she was smaller than her sisfur KC but she eventually was twice the size of her at 80lbs...
Her long legs and big feets were an indication that she was going to be a big girl...  
Of course she was always a cutie!  We know this photo is blurry but Mommy just thinks it's adorable...
We hope you enjoyed seeing photos of our sisfur Sadie when she was a baby!  We still miss her every single day and even though it's been two months since she's gone to the Bridge, Mommy still looks for her every where, thinks about getting home to her when she's uptown and can't even eat apples with peanut butter anymore since she used to share with Sadie.  We're hoping she quits being so sad and smiles more since we all know that's what Sadie would want.  We sure hope you're smiling this Sadieday and be sure to spread those smiles around!

Have a Happy Sadieday and a great weekend!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Features

Welcome to Friday Features!  August seems to be flying by just as this whole summer has.  I've been having trouble feeling crafty and coming up with new ideas but I did make and re-list my pawprint earrings for the first time since April.  The black and white pawprints are my inspiration today so I hope you enjoy my picks!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Everything We Do is Special

For some reason our mommy says it's pretty tough just letting me and my sisfur Isabella do all the blogging.  She seems to think that we don't do a whole lot that is blog worthy.  Can you believe that?
Well, I'll show her something blog worthy.  Let me get into position...
Are you ready?  Here comes some MAJOR cuteness...
Told ya!  Just because we do things on our schedule and not on hers doesn't mean we don't do something blog worthy.  Don't you agree?

Hope your day is a special one

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tortie Tuesday

It's Tortie Tuesday, my most favorite day of the week!  I think every day should be all about me...
Hey!  What was that floofy white blur that just flew by?  Did someone not get the memo on what day it is?
Alright, where was I?  Oh yeah, I think every day should be all about me...
Of course every day should always be all about us kitties anyway!

Hope you have a Happy Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, August 20, 2012


We think every photo of us is purrfect but Mommy thinks we don't always cooperate and therefore lots one or two don't make the cut to be on the blog.  Well, since we disagree, we're gonna post some of our still purrfect photos.  Just because Mommy made this photo blurry doesn't mean it's not cute as can be...
Don't my tail look like it's sprouting out of my head?
Back in April, Mommy was cutting up magazine articles and I helped but as you can tell from my expression, somedog was coming...
Yep, it was my sisfur Sadie.  Since Mommy was on the floor taking photos of me, Sadie went and stood over her...
She certainly knew how to get attention!
She also knew how to end a photo session since Mommy stopped to give her cuddles.  We sure miss our sisfur so much!

Hope you have a purrfect day!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Spreading Love on Sadieday

We remembered too late that August 17th was Black Cat Appreciation Day but we still want to take the time to spread the word that all cats (and woofies) deserve loving furever homes no matter what color their fur is.  Our sisfur Sadie knew this because when she became a part of this family, two of her sisfurs had black furs.  Her sisfur KC was a black chow mix...
And her sisfur Panther was a long haired black kitty...
There's no photos of Sadie and Panther together because unlike us, Panther didn't like woofies so didn't get within 5 feet of one.  Of course Sadie and KC did things together like go to the beach...
Can you spot KC in the Sadie Utility Vehicle (SUV)?
Help us spread the word that black kitties and woofies make wonderful pets with lots of love to give!  Sadie knew this and we do too!  

Have a Happy Sadieday and weekend!  Spread some smiles today!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Features

Welcome to Friday Features!  It's been awhile since I've done these features due to being busy and also not feeling crafty.  I have been creating new pieces this week though and today's features are inspired by the colors of my new earrings.  I hope you enjoy my picks and also a coupon code from one of the featured shops (see below)!

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Brown and Turquoise Fern Leaf and Polka Dots Reversible Purse by PURSEonalize 
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