Sunday, March 9, 2008

Adding all the time!

Our Etsy shop continues to grow as new items are added weekly. Yesterday I listed this black cat's eye bracelet with paw toggle that mom made. It sure is stunning and will be a great addition to someone's jewelry wardrobe!
We sure hope to get our first sale soon and of course much more! We are very committed to making quality jewelry for animal lovers and to raise funds for animal awareness causes. Tax season is taking most of my time these days but I try to make new jewelry on the weekends. Mom is working on creating more too so we are just going to have so much variety here soon!

Much thanks to our fellow Etsyians on their help whether they knew it or not. There is so much information and a feeling of community in the forums and I spend a lot of time in the fora getting tips to help improve the look of our shop and promotional ideas.

I also spend a lot of time finding new and wonderful shops! The talent on Etsy is amazing and my wish list is long! I have purchased items already and each one was even better than I expected. I am proud that we are part of such a great group of artists!

Anyway, stop by and peruse our shop. We have beautiful jewelry for you and we make tails wag one bead at a time!