Friday, September 30, 2016


I made a mistake. A very big mistake. I threw up a hairball on my little cat tree. I know, I know - what was I thinking! Clearly I wasn't thinking because I should've done it on the carpet or furniture or anything besides my cat tree! Mommy cleaned it up right away and even though she put a blankie on it, it doesn't smell the same so I've been avoiding it for hours...
Fast forward 5 minutes...
What can I say? It's much easier to watch birdies in the bush when they don't see my white floofyness in the window! I'm staying clear from the spot of my mistake though!

Have you ever made a mistake before?

Happy Friday and weekend to you!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

We hope you had a great weekend! We sure did especially since Mommy came home on Friday. We loved our time with Daddy but he isn't quite the pushover for treats that Mommy is. He's also a lot harder to wake up in the morning for breakfast!

Mommy did have fun on her cruise with our Grandma from Las Vegas. They went from Seattle to Astoria to two days in San Francisco...
After that they went back up north to Victoria, Canada where they saw this guy...
And this guy on their cabin balcony...
It would've been so easy for her to put that birdie in her carry on but of course she didn't. Whatever. Anyway, we're glad our whole family is together again.

What did you do this weekend?

Hope you have a great Monday!
Angel and Isabella

Friday, September 23, 2016

Waiting on Mommy!

Mommy comes home today!
Of course we loved our time with Daddy but we've all missed Mommy very much!

Do you have plans for your weekend?

Hope you have a great weekend!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Autumn is Coming

Fall is coming this week so what better time to show my autumn colors...
All while laying in front of an open window enjoying the fresh almost fall air! Yes, I love this time of year!

Happy almost Fall!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Finally Friday

What a crazy week! It was so busy I almost didn't get all my naps in. It was close let me tell ya! Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone for the purrs and well wishes regarding my asthma. I'm more stable now and having just an occasional coughing attack so that is really good...
Something that's not so good is Mommy is leaving today on yet another vacation. Don't worry, Daddy is staying home with us so we'll be very spoilt well taken care of. We'll be scarce with commenting since Daddy will be scritching us instead of helping us comment.

Hope your weekend is a good one!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

It's All in the Technique

Isabella, pay close attention to how I catch this shimmying black snake. I first let it know I'm aware it's there...
Then I ignore it...
Once it thinks I'm not interested - BAM! I deaded it!
Okay now you try it. Let it know you're aware it's there...
Then ignore it.
Uh, Isabella, ignoring it doesn't mean staring at it from two inches away...
Oh forget it, I'll deaded it for you...
Some techniques are best left for the purrfessionals.

Hope you enjoy your day!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tortie Tuesday

I know it's Tortie Tuesday and I should say something wise and profound but I'm taking it easy today...
For the first time in a long while I had a lot of asthma attacks yesterday. Mommy was gone several hours but after she heard the fifth one she gave me my Flovent inhaler. I usually get a treatment just once every evening and seldom have any attacks so she got worried especially not knowing if I had others when she was gone. She's a worry wart. Anyway, the treatment worked but the previous attacks and her making me stand up during each one pooped me out...
I was so tired I wasn't even able to stay awake and watch football with Daddy last night. I did hold him down so he could watch it though. What can I say, I'm Daddy's Girl!

Have you or any kitties you know been experiencing increased allergies or asthma symptoms? We're wondering if my attacks were because we've had windows open all the time lately.

Hope you enjoy your Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Same Situation, Different Perspective

I have a hypothetical situation to demonstrate the different perspectives between kitties and somemommy humans. This may be confusing so pay close attention. Okay, here's the situation:

It's o'dark:30 in the morning, somemommy, I mean, someone feels a tap, tap, tap on her forehead causing her to stir. She falls back to sleep so now feels a sandpaper kiss on her eyelid. No falling back to sleep after that! The kitty sits innocently patiently on the nightstand...
Here's the perspectives:

Somemommy Human: Wakes up cranky because of licked eyelid. Claims to have a horrible headache so gets up to take something for it before coming back to bed. Lays there trying relaxation, meditation, dictation, anything to make headache go away. Because she took headache meds on an empty stomach she starts to feel really sick. Gets up to drink more water, still feels sick but comes back to bed. Head pounding. Looks over to see adorable kitty sitting on nightstand, mumbles "it's a good thing you're cute" while opening the drawer for treats for the sweetest kitty ever.

Kitty: Oh my Cod chica, what's with all the drama? Can't you see I'm withering away? Feed me!

Just saying.

Hope everything is in perspective for you today!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Finally Friday

Even though this was a short week due to the Monday holiday, it was still a busy work week. Between getting clients' bookkeeping caught up and tax returns done for the 9/15 deadline, there's no rest for a CPA cat! Thank Cod I helped or somemommy would've never got it all done...
Seriously, what would she do without me? I think it's about time I'm put on the payroll. It's a tough job but somekitty's got to do it!

Happy Friday to you! Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tortie Tuesday

I'm an extremely mellow Tortie. Most of the time. On occasion I've been known to be a Thundering Herd of one Tortie especially at 2 in the morning. I go crazypants over wand toys and ribbons. Yesterday I showed my sneaky, mischievous side too. Mommy was upstairs but didn't take her phone. Boy was she surprised when she later found this photo...
It was fun watching her try to remember when in the halibut she took it! She couldn't figure out where that photo came from! MOL! Of course I'll never tell how I did it! 

How do you keep your peeps guessing what you're up to?

Hope you enjoy your Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Working Holiday?

Since it's Labor Day weekend, I thought that meant time off from laboring but somemommy had a different idea. She decided to make beady goodies which of course meant she needed me to help pick out the beads...
Then I helped her come up with ideas. Normally she can only handle a few ideas but this time I gave her a lot of ideas. They're laid out because being a right brain challenged accountant, she has to know where she's going before she starts...
Since I can't work the tools, she took it from there while I went on a well deserved break. She ended up tweaking a few but don't worry, they all got my approval first...
Speaking of tweaking, she tweaked her back doing yard work the day before so she couldn't sit long enough to finish making them all. That was fine with me because all her complaining about her back was disturbing my break time with my sisfur...
I'm declaring today a no Labor Day and we're all taking a well deserved break!

Hope you get a break today too!

Happy Labor Day!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Behind the Scenes

It's no secret that we're the inspiration as well as the quality inspectors behind our BeadedTail beady goodies...
But when it comes to being the model, well...
I'm not interested in that type of work at all...
Apparently someTortie isn't either...
I am interested in Birdie TV though...
That's a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes around here. It's a tough job but somekitty's got to do it!

Hope you have a relaxing Labor Day weekend!