Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tortie Tuesday

The Blogging Business Artisans has monthly challenges and January's challenge by Storybeader is to attempt a new technique. Well, today I'm helping Mommy with something new - she's working with paint, paper and fabric which are three things she really needs help with! She wouldn't let me help with the painting and gluing the paper for some reason so you can see what's she done so far... She needs me to be the model for a kitty she's going to cut out from the black, fuzzy fabric. She has a white pencil but it won't draw on the fabric so she'll have to cut it out free hand. I hope this turns out well...
I guess she used another model because that certainly doesn't look like me! It's missing something too... That's better but the proportions are way off...
She wanted to put curtains on it but couldn't figure it out...
I couldn't help her because I was helping my sisfur look for birdies...
Wonder where she gets her inspiration!

Hope you try something new this Tortie Tuesday too!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Wild Weekend

We received a delivery from our furiends from Malaysia, Whisppy, and right away we knew it must have been good stuff because the U.S. Customs people had already checked it out...
Then we noticed they "destroyed prohibited material"! This is code for there's a party on the border with OUR stuffs!
They took "Fresh Unknown Leaves" aka fresh Silvervine and also some treats that Whisky sent for Sadie. Can you believe that? Thankfully they did leave behind the Silvervine powder...
I could smell that stuff through the little package!
Mommy didn't know how I'd react so she put a teeny bit on a big heart toy to see what I'd do...
It may have been a teeny bit but it sure packed a wallop!
I became an instant wiggly worm!
Isabella turned WILD!
We loved the Silvervine - it's like mega nip! We want to thank Whisky, Cosmo, Ling, Meow-Me, Coco, Felix and Boomer! If you haven't visited them, be sure to stop by and see a tiny Tortie they are fostering!

Hope you enjoy your day!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Dinner, a Review and a Nap...

I'm just going to extend Sadieday by taking over today too! I wanted to show you my spiffy new food bowl thingy I got. It's called a Neater Feeder! Here's a photo of it next to my old food bowl thingy which I'm demonstrating how I used to drink water...
Hey Bella, just mosey on by will ya? I'm busy here...
Okay, where was I? Oh yes, now I'll demonstrate my new Neater Feeder bowl...
Now, I'm not a messy eater at all so the Neater part of the Feeder for me means no more water left standing underneath my bowl holders because when Mommy fills them up, she often spills the water. Now, see those little holes in front, the water goes underneath everything and doesn't even touch the bottom of my bowls! Plus the taller sides keep any stray foods contained and keeps kitty sisfurs out too! Ha roo!
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to finish my Sunday dinner in my Neater Feeder and follow it up with a nap!

Hope you a neat, nap-filled Sunday too!

PeeS: They do make kitty sized Neater Feeders as well as ones for shorter dogs than me. Mine came with extenders since I'm so tall. I was leary of the sides at first but now I don't even notice them. Mommy still wonders that that big ol' thing is when she sees it out of the corner of her eye but she'll get used to it. She does like the neutral color.

Disclaimer: We received the Neater Feeder free of charge but that did not influence our opinions expressed in this post.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sadieday Stroll

Yay it's Sadieday! I am so happy it's Sadieday because I could hardly wait to go on a stroll today! We're going on a night stroll because I have something pretty cool to show you so if you don't have furs like me, grab a coat and let's go!
Oops, I almost hurried on down the steps before remembering to stop and show you my new collar and leash. It's got the logo of the Oregon State Beavers on it.
Here's a photo of it before I put them on. Pretty snazzy huh?
Well, here's the cool part I told you about before...
My collar and leash are lighted by LEDs! Pretty doggone cool huh? They're the new Collegiate Dog-e-Glow lighted collars and leashes. Since we live in a college town and we go on night walks I thought these were a great idea! The LEDs can be seen up to 1000 ft in the dark and the leashes and collars are light weight and also weather resistant which is important in rainy places like Oregon! It's quite the attention getter because our neighbor is yelling across the street "Love the Beavs leash!"...
On our stroll several other people told me that liked my leash so it's a hit in our neighborhood!
Of course I'm a hit in our neighborhood too since I'm so darn cute! We didn't know what to expect with the Dog-e-Glow lighted leash and collar but we are very happy with them! We do walk at night a lot especially during tax season so now I'm easier to see which is much safer. The leash is 6 feet long too which is good for big dogs like me who like to lead the pack!

Well, it may not be raining tonight but it's chilly so I have to get Mommy back inside before she freezes. Thanks for coming along on our stroll! I hope you enjoy a stroll in your neighborhood today too!

Have a Happy Sadieday!

Disclaimer: We received the Dog-e-Glow collar and leash free of charge but that did not influence our opinion of them or the information in this post.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fursday Review - KeepCup

It's o'dark early this morning but I'm on duty already because we were contacted to review a cup called a KeepCup. So, since Mommy starts surfing the net work early, that means I had to get up early too and I don't like it but I'm always ready to help out... The KeepCup is the first barista standard size resusable cup. It comes in four sizes, is BPA free and is non-toxic. It's also microwavable, dishwasher safe and splash proof. You can design your own KeepCup in 25,000 color combinations. We were sent these colors but we would have picked purple...
Mommy did an unscientific test to see how long her tea stayed hot in a KeepCup compared to her mug and it came out to be about the same but it's supposed to stay hotter longer than a disposal cup by at least 20 minutes but we can't confirm that...
Anyway, the KeepCup worked out really well and Daddy has even used it to take hot chocolate to work so it wouldn't spill all over his vehicle plus he wouldn't use disposable cups once at work. So I give the KeepCup two paws up! Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time for a nap.

Enjoy your day!

Disclaimer: We received the KeepCup in the photos free of charge but that did not influence our opinion of the cup or the information in this post.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tortie Tuesday

Hey Mommy! Did you put my box in the dryer! It shrunk.
Is an aerial view really necessary?
Why are you giggling Mommy? I don't find it one bit amusing.

Hope you fit in your box this Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ugh! It's Monday.

It's Monday so time to go to work again...
I bet the clients would love to know who really prepares their tax returns!

Work smarter not harder and take plenty of siestas!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Easy Sunday

We've had a busy week so we're taking it easy today by just snuggling...
and taking (or giving) a bath from time to time...
We'll fit a nap or two in every hour too!

Hope you enjoy your Sunday plans!

PeeS: Thank you for your prayers for our friend Abby and her dad Gerard as they recover from a terrible attack by two dogs. Abby was able to go home yesterday but she still has a ways to go in her recovery so keep the prayers coming!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowy Sadieday Stroll

Yay, it's Sadieday! Our weather started out great this week with snow and then the rain came and turned it into slush. This is perfect walking weather so before he left, I got my Grandpa from Kansas to take me on a stroll. So grab your boots and raincoat (no umbrellas since they're for tourists) and come along with us...
This weather is fabulous! Snow, slush AND water puddles? Whoa doggy!
A field full of snow too? What can be better?
Snowballs! That's the icing on my snow cake!
I wonder if Grandpa had as much fun as I did?
Since he doesn't have my warm fur, I better get him home to thaw out his paws...
I hope you had fun coming along on our snowy stroll today too!
Our snow is all gone because we're getting lots and lots of rain and many parts of our area are flooding but we're up high so are safe from high water. The humane society is taking in animals displaced from the floods and several places are boarding horses who had to leave flooded fields. We're crossing paws for efurrybody affected by these horrible winter storms.

We're also crossing paws for our friend Abby and her dad Gerard to get better after a horrible attack on them by two dogs. We're praying they both get well very soon!

I hope everyone has a Happy Sadieday!