Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thankful Thursday

We're still adjusting our routine after tax season. It takes a lot of practice to get our new normal just right...
We do have something to be thankful for. Isabella was re-tested for her hyperthyroidism after being on meds for 50 days and her results were fabulous! She went from 3.4 (4 is the upper limit) to 1.2! I won't be tested for several months since I'm no longer on meds for my hyperthyroidism because I'm allergic to them. I am finally no longer itchy all the time and for that I'm thankful. We're both thankful there is no room in this chair for Lexi...
The biggest thing we're thankful for is that we just endured our last tax season! Yep, we're officially retired as CPA Cats! After 20 tax seasons, Mommy's body just can't handle sitting for so many hours for so many days. She's also worked really hard to become healthy and lose quite a bit of weight the past 1.5 years so sitting for 25% of the year is counterproductive to that. It was just time for her to retire. Plus she's been saying to the Universe for the past five years that she wanted to retire at 50 so that's what she did! We're all happy and looking forward to not being stuck in the office next year and for whatever the future may bring!

What are you thankful for today?

Hope you have a great day!

Monday, April 15, 2019

April 15th Finally!

Boy are we glad today is finally here! We made it to tax day and only have one more return to do - Mommy and Daddy's tax return! They're going to owe this year so she doesn't want to do it. It's a good thing we're on the job though! Anyway, since the last time we posted, we've had quite a bit happen. First of all, let me update you on what's been going on with me... 
Turns out I'm allergic to the pills for hyperthyroidism too. My head was all itchy but not as bad as it was on the transdermal stuff. I scratched myself so bad that I had open sores for about a week but it's healed up and just a few little scabs remain. The vet says that I'm not a candidate for the radioactive iodine therapy because although my kidney levels are normal, they're on the high end of normal and something about iodine therapy would mean that if I developed kidney issues in the future, it wouldn't be treatable. So, I'm not on any treatment right now and I'll be tested every 6 months to check my levels and weigh options if anything changes. This news stressed Mommy out but she knows I can't tolerate the medication and she doesn't want to do anything to risk kidney issues in the future.

Isabella is doing fine on the meds, is hungry all the time (like normal) and sleeps a lot (like normal) so she's, well, normal...
Lexi is doing fine too. She's still crazypants but there are finally more moments of calmness than there used to be. Now that she's 11 months old, she sleeps a lot more which is a good thing...
Anyway, that's a bit of what's been going on here. We'll be back to regular visits now that we're not buried in tax returns. Thank you for being patient with us! We can't wait to catch up again!

We hope you have a great Tax Day!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Almost Done!

Phew! We've been MIA for quite awhile! This tax season has been been one of the worst we've ever worked through because of new tax laws coupled with new software. Oh, and a puppy...
Lexi tolerates taxes when she's sleeping but when she's awake, she has ants in her pants! She's still leashed to the desk most days because she's stealthy and leaves the room when we're sleeping working and gets into things she's not supposed to like our foods. Mommy isn't too keen on her looking out the sliding glass door in the bedroom and barking at the neighbor either. The neighbor doesn't hear her but we all have to be peeled from the ceiling. Anyway, she gets better every day but we're all glad when Daddy comes home and puppy sits so we can get the warm spot work done...
One last update on us. We're both on the same meds for hyperthyroidism but Angel was on the transdermal kind. Well, she had a really bad reaction that caused her to scratch her head so bad it was bright pink and covered with open sores. The vet said to stop the meds for a week to see if she gets better and then give it to her again to see if it's really the meds causing it. Since nothing else had changed, there's no way Mommy is going to experiment on her and possibly cause it to happen again so Angel will be getting the same pills as me. We get them in pill pockets because it's easy for me to swallow half of a pill pocket since I have no teeth. Angel turns into the Tasmanian devil when given a pill but she doesn't know it's in a pill pocket. Hopefully this continues to work for my little sisfur. Anyway, that's a quick update on us. Only two more weeks for the end of tax season so please be patient with us!

Hope all is going well with you!