Monday, September 30, 2013

We Tried!

Despite me turning on the cuteness...
And Isabella protesting with a lay-in...
Mommy and Daddy took the big red boxes to someplace warm.  Oh well, we'll have a great week since our Grandpa from Kansas is here to spoil take care of us!

Hope you have a great week!
Angel and Isabella

Friday, September 27, 2013

In Our Neck of the Woods

Between the sunpuddles then rain then sunpuddles then rain get the idea, we've been enjoying cooler weather with open windows which means more Birdie TV...
Angel flattens out to watch TV flat to help the reception...
If that doesn't work, Daddy makes sure the reception is as good as it can be...
Something else we're enjoying is having our Grandpa from Kansas here!  He arrived yesterday and rumor has it that Mommy and Daddy will be going somewhere next week so we're going to take a blogcation until October 9th.  We may have some posts before that but we're not positive.  We'll miss everyone and hope you have a great start to October!

Birdie dreams and purrs,

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I'm so thankful for my Daddy.  He tells me I'm beautiful every day.  He keeps me warm at night when I lay on him.  And he holds my ebook for me so I can read...
I'm so thankful to be Daddy's Girl...
I'm very thankful for all our furiends around the world too!

What are you thankful for today?

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tasty Tortie Tuesday

We were asked by the nice folks at to try out Natural Balance Platefulls foods in a pouch so since it's Tortie Tuesday, I gladly volunteered!  While I was enjoying the show before dinner, my little sisfur snuck in.  She obviously didn't get the memo that it was a table for one...
Since there was plenty in the pouch, I let her join me.  We tried the Chicken and Salmon formula in gravy...
Angel ate it up pretty fast but I left the chunks.  I don't chew my food so they were too big for me to eat so I just licked the gravy...
Who needs a doggy bag when they have a little sisfur...
Mommy put the rest of the pouch in our bowls and tried cutting up the chunks into smaller pieces so I'd eat them and I did eat a little but I left most of it.  Even Angel didn't clean her bowl after the initial serving.  So, we give these two paws up for the yummy gravy but two paws down for the big chunks.  Plus, Mommy said she isn't going to chop up our food every time either. 

If you aren't bothered by big chunks, the gravy is delicious so you might really like these foods.  Here's some of the other flavors available:
We do want to thank for the opportunity to try these foods.  We get tired of having the same foods every day so we keep looking for more to add to the rotation.  We'll probably like the third pouch in a week or two!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy dinner with a view this Tortie Tuesday!

Disclaimer:  We received three pouches of Natural Balance Platefulls from for review.  This did not influence our opinion whatsoever, our discriminating palates did.   Mommy got a cool pen that she wouldn't even let us play with.  

Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

We hope your weekend was a good one.  We did a whole lotta nothing on Sadieday but yesterday was a whirlwind of beadyness!  It got so crazy I had to take matters in my own paws to slow things down by sitting on the bead box then ignoring Mommy's requests to get down...
I even considered making a distraction by swinging from the chandelier...
Treats?  Did you say treats Mommy?
She always knows my weaknesses!  Oh well, the bead box wasn't all that comfortable anyway.

Hope you're comfy today!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Chillaxin on Sadieday

Yay it's Sadieday!  We had a busy week so we're looking forward to doing a whole lotta nothing this weekend like enjoying movie night...
I don't actually watch movies and Mommy doesn't watch much of them either since she's always looking at me taking pictures.  Can't say that I blame her since I'm so cute she can hardly stand it...
I learned my cute movie night techniques from the Master - my sisfur Sadie...
Yep, that's a whole lotta cute going on right there!

We know you're all cute too!  We hope you have a whole lotta stuff to smile about this weekend and be sure to spread those smiles around.  You never know who's day you'll change just by a smile!

Happy Sadieday and have a great weekend!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Featureless Friday

Once again we don't have any features this Friday although we've been really crafty around here and working really hard.  When we're being crafty Mommy gets really messy so there's hardly any room for me to hold down the table plus try to reach the sunpuddles barely on the edge...
But rest assured, no dangly earrings get by my inspection...
My little sisfur Angel handles all the quality inspection of the packaging too...
We have listed some new earrings this week we can show you like these...
And these...
See, we're not just cute, we're hard workers too! 

 Hope you have a great end to your week! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ay yi yi Matey

Well, it's Talk like a Pirate Day but our translator (aka Mommy) forgot to allow extra time to help us so the only Pirate talk we have for today is to tell someone (aka Mommy) she's about to walk the plank!

I would've been the cutest Tortie Pirate ever too. *sigh*

Hope ye have a great day Matey!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tortie Tuesday

It's Tortie Tuesday and I'd do something cute for you but I'm concentrating on Da Bird flying in my direction...
Got it!  Da Bird is no match for this Tortie!
Hey, where ya going?
Da Bird got off lucky this time but I'll get it next time!

Hope you have a Happy Go Lucky Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Let's Start the Week with Nip!

I admit, I am a nip lover so when The Natural Pet Company asked if we'd like to try out their premium Catnip we couldn't turn down the opportunity!
The bag is filled to the brim with fabulous smelling, great quality catnip!  Let's this test started!
Mommy sprinkled some nip on my Ess and at first I just warmed it up by laying on it...
Then I rolled in it to get the full effect...
I can't stop rolling!
OMC!  This is good stuff!
I feel like my body is still wigglin'...
The Natural Pet Company's premium Catnip gets four paws up from me!   The 4oz bag is a lot of nip that should last a long time since for us, a little goes a long way.  It has a zip lock closure to keep it fresh although I can still smell it through the drawer that Mommy put it in.

Mommy didn't know how the nip would affect me since I tend to get a little cranky (i.e. smacky paws) with my sisfur while under the influence of some nips and especially silvervine so I tested it for the photo shoot alone.  Isabella did meander in and we had a brief exchange of smacky paws but not near as much as usual which made Mommy happy.  Isabella licked the nip and laid in it which is the extent of what she does with nip so that means she liked it to. 

Are you a nip lover too?

Hope your week is off to a great start too!

PeeS:  The Natural Pet Company provided us with the premium catnip for free however that did not have any influence on how we reacted to it.  All the wigglin' was real and not dramatized for this post. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

This and That on Sadieday

Yay it's Sadieday!  We want to thank everyone for their suggestions last Sadieday on how to keep the introoder neighbor cats out of our yard.  Mommy is working on implementing some of the ideas especially since Dooney beat up the tuxie kitty in our yard again last Tuesday.  We all hate cat fights so we're going to do our best to keep it from happening at least in our yard.  We do hope Mommy doesn't bring home another dog because of it although she sure has been noticing dogs wherever she goes lately like these guys outside the grocery store...
And even up on the highest peak in the Oregon Coast range...
We hear there's many, many more that she's petted but not got photos of.  We're just not ready for another dog in the house and besides, they'd have some mighty big paws to fill...
Anyway, thanks again!  Are there any questions you have for us that we can answer in a future post?  Be sure to ask and we'll do our best to answer!  

As always, be sure to smile this Sadieday and always and spread those smiles around since you might just make someone's day that much better!

Have a Happy Sadieday and a great weekend!

PeeS:  Our thoughts and purrayers are with the people and animals affected by the horrible floods in Colorado.  They are happening near where Mommy and Daddy lived along the Front Range and where Sadie lived when she was a youngin.  We hope Mother Nature lets up on the rain soon.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Behind the Scenes

Remember my adorable photo on Wordless Wednesday of me looking at my cute self in the mirror.  Well, I thought I'd show you the behind the scenes since it wasn't quite as easy as it may have appeared.  You see, Mommy went to the guest room downstairs and waited for me to follow her as always without me noticing but I found her and noticed the cell phone ready to take photos...
Of course I pretended not to know what she was up to by meandering over to the mirror...
I floofed up my tail while still keeping an eye on her...
I even cleaned a smudge off the mirror since somebuddy obviously doesn't clean good enough...
Okay Mommy, you won't put that phone down so I'll give you just one chance so are you ready?
And that is when I gave her the look she was waiting for, a deep thoughtful gaze at my own beautiful reflection...
We just gotta make our beans work for the photos sometimes since no kitty performs on demand.

Do you change your behavior when you know there's a camera on you?

Hope your day is filled with lovely things to reflect on!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ho Hum Hot Kinda Day

We're having a case of the hots here with temperatures near 90 degrees so the windows are closed which mutes the volume of our Birdie Network so I'm having to watch it on video...
It's never too hot for napping in sunpuddles either...
My sisfur Isabella had to go to the v-e-t yesterday because she has a front tooth loose and her gums are red.  The v-e-t said the tooth will fall out on its own like several others have since her last dental visit in February (Mommy didn't know this).  She also said her red gums are from gingivitis and isn't bad enough to warrant a cleaning yet or any meds.  Anyway, since it was so hot out and she got nervous in the car so she wasn't feeling too well last night...
She's feeling better after chillin' for a bit though.  

The v-e-t still can't believe that Isabella is a real Tortie since she is so mellow and easy going.  She said Torties are supposed to be high maintenance with a devilish streak in them but we don't know any Torties like that - do you?

Hope you have a chillin' kind of day!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tortie Tuesday

You'd think on Tortie Tuesday all my toys would be out and ready for me to play with but noooo, I have to hunt for them myself while the peanut gallery (aka Mommy) is snickering about my Tortie thighs...
Laser eyes and Pbffflt to you Mommy!
Oh the things I have to put up with around here!

I hope you're catered to this Tortie Tuesday,