Friday, July 28, 2017

Finally Friday

It's the last Friday in July! Tax season will be here before we know it! I think summer is going so fast because we're working so hard. As soon as we're done working on taxes, I have to snoopervise the making of beady goodies...
Somemommy pointed out that I was paying more attention to the birdies than beadies. As if. Anyway, if that's what she thinks, I'll snoopervise from a much closer vantage point...
Of course she complained that I was too close. Okay, how about I snoopervise from here?
We finally got the beady goodies made. They would've been done much quicker if she hadn't stopped to complain so much but whatever. After I did my snoopervising duties, Isabella had the easy job of modeling...
It took just a few shots to get that one. It helps that she moves at a snail's pace so her poses last an eternity. She really is a Tortie slug. 

We're hoping to relax this last weekend in July. August is a busy month for us with birthdays, an anniversary, noisy strangers on the deck, many thousands of people coming to our town to view the solar eclipse and even a visitor coming to our house the end of the month. Our sporadic posting will be even more so but we'll pop in from time to time. 

Do you have plans for the weekend? Any big events happening for you in August?

Hope you have a wonderful end to July!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Oh Yeah, It's Monday...

You know it's Monday when you start the day with a wet willy from your big sisfur...
I still love her though...
We're experiencing the hots here with temps around 90. Closed windows and naps are on the agenda today. What's happening in your neck of the woods?

Hope your day is off to a great start!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Sunpuddle Bliss

What's better than enjoying a sunpuddle on a beautiful summer day?
Sharing the sunpuddle with my little sisfur (and BatCat)!
There's still plenty of room if you want to share some of our sunpuddle too!

Hope you have a sunny weekend!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend technically isn't over until Wednesday but we're wrapping up our weekend so far. We've had glorious weather - mid 70s, open windows and sunpuddles! Of course that meant Mommy and Daddy went to the coast on Saturday. She said it was beautiful over there with lots of tourists and lots of seals hanging out on the rocks...
Yesterday I helped make beady goodies...
I also napped. I deserved it. I work hard. 

How was your weekend?

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Let the Party Begin!

It's finally Friday!
Time to let it all hang out!
We're off work until next Wednesday so I'm looking forward to a really long weekend of doing nothing. You know, the kind of days Isabella has every day. 

What are your weekend plans?

Happy weekend!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Beady Helper

One of our BeadedTail customers purchased some beads online that she had sent directly to us to make earrings. That's a lot of pressure since she hasn't even seen the beads in person yet but thank Cod I was on the bead mat and ready to help...
We sent ideas to the customer for her and then we made these...
And these...
The customer was happy with how they turned out. We are too. Mommy couldn't have done it without me... 
It's a tough job being beady but somekitty's got to do it!

Have a beady kind of day!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tortie Tuesday

It's Tortie Tuesday and although it's my favorite day of the week, I almost didn't do a post. I've been having asthma issues lately. I had three attacks last night just before I had Mommy take this pic...
I had another three attacks as I was dictating this post. I don't know what's changed because I had been doing well, having no attacks, with one Flovent treatment a night. Last Thursday I had five attacks in a short amount of time so Mommy gave me a treatment mid-day. That helped slow them down to one every so often until last night's round of six attacks. I wish I knew what's happening. I don't like having attacks at all. They're scary.

Daddy picked up my Flovent prescription last night and it was $272! Mommy asked if I was worth it. Is that not the dumbest question ever? 

Hope you're having a good Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

We hope you had a good weekend! Mommy and Daddy had to go to a wedding this weekend. Mommy bought new shoes for it and they came with an awesome box...
She also got a new wrap style black dress which, to avoid getting white furs on it, she didn't try on until 15 minutes before they were supposed to leave. Since the attention at a wedding is not supposed to be on somemommy channeling 80s Madonna exposed bra style, she ran around like her tail was on fire looking for a safety pin. She finally found one and got all put together late but still in time to make it to the wedding. Next time she's going to risk white furs and try things on!
Anyway, today she won't mind those white furs as we relax after our weekend...
Yes, I'm so cute she can hardly stand it! 

What'd you do this weekend?

Happy Monday!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Flashback

We had a long short week again so today came too fast. Since we're not ready, we're going to do a re-run from 2011. We hope you enjoy this flashback with our angel sisfur Sadie!
Recently I was napping on my cat tree...
When I opened my eyes and thought I saw something odd...
There was something out on our roof...
I didn't know if I was dreaming so I really tried to focus...
It sort of looks like Sadie but what's she doing out on the roof?
Oh my Cod! I'm not dreaming, I'm having a nightmare!
A three eyed Monster has transformed into my sisfur Sadie!
Cats are such drama queens.
Hope you have a monster free weekend!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

In honor of Independence Day here in the USA, I thought I'd show you my all-American Tortie portrait...
I know what you're thinking, my portrait should be hanging in the Smithsonian's American Art Museum. I think so too but I haven't been contacted by anyone in D.C. yet.

Anyway, since it's the 4th of July, we hope everybuddy stays safe inside.  So far the fireworks here haven't been too bad so paws crossed tonight goes okay too. We'll be huddled downstairs just in case because my sisfur Angel gets scairt.  Nothing bothers me.  Ever. Well, except for my naps being disrupted.

Have there been many fireworks in your neck of the woods yet? 

Hope you have a picture perfect Tortie Tuesday!
Happy 4th of July!