Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tortie Tuesday

Happy Tortie Tuesday! Today's lesson is to take every available opportunity to enjoy something you love!
I'll be enjoying this box as long as I can or until Mommy takes it out of her office and to the recycle bin.

I hope you celebrate Tortie Tuesday by enjoying something you love!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Last January our Daddy's job went to Texas but we didn't so he's been home every day being a full time Daddy to us. We think this has been the purrfect situation but today he's starting school so once again won't be home all day. Although we're very, very proud of him for going back to school, we're all going to miss him. Maybe if we give him a really cute look he'll change his mind.
Yeah, I didn't think that'd work... Hey Angel, is there enough room in Daddy's backpack for so we can just go to school with him?
We've had a few too many treats to fit in this bag Isabella. Looks like we'll all just stay home and help Mommy work and send Daddy lots of luck as he goes back to school. We'll just have to take extra naps while he's gone!

Good luck Daddy! We love you and wish you the best!
All your favorite girls

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Double Duty

Rather than take it easy this Sunday, we're working extra hard by doing two things at once. We're taking our nap and making sure Mommy has a day off by keeping her out of her office chair.
Hopefully all this hard work results in extra treats.

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Angel & Isabella

EtsyBlogger of the Month - DizzyDragonflies

The EtsyBlogger for the month of March is DizzyDragonflies! Vickie makes hand spun, hand dyed yarn in many lovely colors. Knitting and crocheting are on my list of things to learn one day and seeing all her beautiful yarn really motivates me to learn even more.
To see more of her yarn, be sure to check out her Etsy shop and also check out her blog!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stroll with Sadie!

Happy Sadieday! Today is my favorite day of the week! I'm feeling a little ornery today so let's have some fun on today's stroll. Let me figure out what fun things to do but until then, let's go!
Okay, here's my chance. Daddy's trying to show me where to walk to not get in the mud. He thinks I'm paying attention but really I'm plotting my next move.
I'll let him think that he's guiding me "around" the mud puddles...
but as soon as he let's go, the fun began!
Good thing you helped me around the puddles Daddy! I don't want to get muddy! Ha roo roo!

Hope you have a enjoyed having fun with me today and have a great Sadieday!

PeeEss: There are no photos of me actually standing in the mud puddle because Mommy was laughing too hard. Daddy didn't find it too funny though. Ha roo roo!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cabin Fever

About this time every year we all get cabin fever and can't wait for Spring to really show itself with warm, sunny days every day. Mommy gets tired of being stuck inside working on tax returns for 10+ hours a day. She's counting down for April 15th which is 3 weeks from today! Me and my sisfur Isabella are ready for the windows to be opened every day and not just on the days it's not raining.
Speaking of rain, Sadie gets really tired of rainy days and not being able to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.
Mother Nature, we hope you bring Spring-y days to us soon!
Do you have cabin fever? What do you look forward to most about Spring?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tortie Tuesday

Today is Tortie Tuesday and usually I have some sort of words of wisdom to offer but today, I'm so tired I can't think of what to say.
Maybe if I lay here and think about it for awhile I'll come up with something to blog about.
Then again, maybe not.

Hope you have a Happy Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Special Delivery

We put on our inspector paws recently to inspect a package we received from Rose at The Beadings and Buttons Randomcreative. Mommy won a giveway of Rose's lovely beadwoven earrings and she got a surprise pretty little leaf pendant too. My inspector ability was distracted though by the package so I didn't pay too much attention.
Yeah, yeah Mommy, the earrings and pendant are very pretty but I smell something other than earrings on your fingers.
I knew it! Rose's kitty is named Angel too and she sent us a toy mouse! I'll pose for this long enough to tell Angel thank you very much!
Did I hear you say "Angel, toy mouse!"?
Mommy loves her new earrings and pendant and thanks you very much Rose! We love the new mouse from Angel too and love playing with it in the middle of the night since we can hear its bell!

For some pretty beadwoven or button jewelry, be sure to check out Rose's Etsy shop!

Have a great Monday!
Isabella and Angel

Sunday, March 21, 2010

True Nature

We're all having a lazy Sunday but we wanted to show you what Mommy and Daddy saw along the highway last weekend. We'll actually let Mommy do the post today so we'll go nap while she does...

Mombean here: Last Sunday as we were driving along a highway, we saw two hawks on the side of the road. One hawk had its wings outstretched, the other was standing in front of it. Of course I immediately thought one of them had been hit by a car and needed help so we turned around to go back to check on them and call the Chintimimi Wildlife Rehabiliation if necessary. When we came back one hawk was now sitting up on a power line and the one with outstretched wings had moved off the shoulder of the road more and we noticed blood on its chest so I was thinking the worst. I called Chintimini but got voicemail so we pulled up closer to see if we could do something.
As we watched the hawk to determine if it was hurt because of its outstretched wings we realized it was eating something so was just protecting its meal.
I had never seen anything like this before and it was quite incredible to see nature in action. Hawks are truly beautiful, powerful and intelligent birds of prey and no, the cats didn't even ask why we didn't bring one home after they saw our photos!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Sadieday!

Yay it's Sadieday again! It's a beautiful day here today so while my kitty sisfurs nap in the sunlight, let's go for a stroll!
Today I thought I'd show you some things we enounter on our strolls such as other dogs - even ones that don't seem too interested in meeting me which makes no sense to me whatsoever.
We sometimes come up on obstacle courses which require superior agility to get over.
We often find funny looking trees with ferns growing out of them.
And no matter where we go, I always find the, well, let's just say it's nature's equivalent to a post office for pee-mail.
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the different sights and pit stops (Ha roo roo!) from our strolls! Thanks for coming along with me!

Have a great Sadieday!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Features

Welcome to another edition of Friday Features! At this point during tax season, the only thing that came to mind when determining my inspiration was "it's a zoo around here". As a result, today's features are all inspired by animals found in zoos. Hope you enjoy my picks!

Bamboo - Black and White Panda Bear Ceramic Bead Sterling Silver Earrings by BeadedTail
Water Play 4x6 by landscapesnwildlife
Casual Backpack in Cocoa and Teal Leopard on White by TiLTcreations
Happy Monkey Mug .... Lefty by MudFairy Noah's Ark - watercolor print by crayonmonster

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sleeping on the Job

Many times Mommy sits at the dining room table to work on her beading stuff so of course we have to snoopervise everything she does. My little sisfurs tend to not take their job seriously and nod off on the job.
But not me! I am the star snooperviser! You won't find me snoozing on the job!
I just hope Mommy remembers this when she's passing out treats next time.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tortie Tuesday

It's Tortie Tuesday! Today's lesson is to let those you love know you love them.
I love my daddy very much!

Happy Tortie Tuesday!
Isabella, aka Daddy's girl

Monday, March 15, 2010

We've Been Tagged!

We've been tagged with a fun photo tag by our friends Dave, Zim, Stormy and Ammy at the Army of Four and also by Teri from Rainblowflute. The tag is to open our first photo folder, scroll down to the 10th photo, post that photo and tell the story behind it, then tag 5 more bloggers.

Our first photo folder is from 1-3-09 and here is the 10th photo...
The story behind this photo is that my little sisfur Angel started looking out the downstairs window.
My other sisfur Isabella had to come see what she was looking at.
Then Angel left but Isabella kept looking out the window.
Well then I had to come see what she was looking at.
And eventually Isabella left leaving me all alone looking out the window which is the photo we started with today. Everything around here turns into a group project.

This was a fun tag so we're going to pass it on to 5 other bloggers with no obligation to play along although we hope you do! Here are our choices in no particular order:

Khyra from Khyra's Khorner
Rumblepurr and Inigo from Rumblebum
Sparkle and her sisfurs from Sparkle the Designer Cat
Catherine from Corner of a Cat's Mind

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Catching Up on Sunday...

Since today is daylight savings time, we have to nap an extra hour in order to stay caught up on our beauty sleep.
It's a tough job but we think we can handle it!

Speaking of jobs, our Pawsistant is way, way, WAY behind on her job of acknowledging some awards so she needs to do some catching up too. Here's some awards we've won in the past month or so. We're sorry for them being so late!
Grampy from Grampy's World, Pam from Magdalene Jewels, and Rose from The Beadings and Buttons of Randomcreative gave us the Sunshine Award!
The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world. We certainly love Sunshine so really appreciate this award! Thank you so much Grampy, Pam and Rose!
Duni from Lovely Purses, Kristi from My Pet Savings and Cissy from Thoughts of a Mother, Wife and Daughter gave us the Beautiful Blogger Award!
We are very grateful to receive the Beautiful Blogger award! Thank you so much Duni, Kristi and Cissy!
Teri and the cats of Furrydance and Smudge, Spider and their mom Kas gave us the Sweet Friends Award!
We're honored to be considered sweet and very happy to be their friends so thanks so much for this award!
And last but certainly not least, Sparkle the Designer Cat gave us the Superior Scribbler award!
This award has been going around since 2008. If you wish to read more about this award, please visit Scholastic Scribe. We're really honored to receive this award from Sparkle! Sparkle is very beautiful and she has a Tortie sisfur named Binga!
We're caught up on acknowledging our awards now! Thanks again to everyone who gave us an award! We've seen others who've received these awards but if you haven't, please feel free to take the ones you'd like.

We're going to get back to our nap now...