Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tortie Tuesday

It's Tortie Tuesday! Today's lesson is that no matter if you feel like you are on a pedestal...
remember that we are never above or below anyone else. We are all special in our own way!

I hope you have a Happy Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Already?

No, I don't wanna come out...
It's Monday out there!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy SUNday!

We're going to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine today and we hope you can do the same!
Have a wonderful SUNday!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stroll with Sadie!

Yay it's Sadieday! Time for another stroll with me! Since summer is here and the temperatures are warming up, that means my favorite mud puddles will be drying out. Well, I can't let that happen without enjoying them every chance I get so do you want to play in the mud with me today? Come on, let's go!
This is my favorite mud puddle cause it's really, really big!
Mommy cuts through the grass on the side of my puddle cause she doesn't like to get muddy. She's weird.
That was so much fun! I love the feeling of mud between my toesies!
If I had mud flaps, I wouldn't even have gotten very dirty.
I had a lot of fun today and hope you did too!
Thanks for taking a stroll with me!

Hope you have a Happy Sadieday!

PeeS: Happy Birthday to our Grandma! We hope you get lots of treats today!
Love, Sadie, Isabella and Angel

Happy Birthday Mom!
Love, Sharla and J

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Features

It's time for Friday Features but first we want to thank everyone for the purrs and positive thoughts for Sadie yesterday! Turns out I'm a worry wart as she just has a very big skin tag that has become irritated so looks icky. Having lost two pets to cancer, I of course think the worse but the vet wasn't worried so we just have to watch it to make sure it doesn't continue to bleed. Anyway, thanks to everyone! Your words mean a lot to us!

Now, on to today's features! I recently made some earrings on posts so I'm including those along with other items that just make me happy! Hope they make you happy too!

Princess - Purple Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Sterling Silver Post Earrings by BeadedTail
El Presidente Black Wool Recycled Sweater Purse with Kitty Motif by FCF Creations
Sitting Pretty Calico Kitty Stained Glass Suncatcher by GlassCat
Womans Best Friend - Fine Art Print by Angela Bond by dogpopart
Rescue Mom Pendant by annfinley A New Day by BadCatStudios

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Best Laid Plans

The sun is finally shining here in the Pacific Northwest which makes for perfect napping - even if Isabella is hogging the sunlight...
and the pawpawrazzi can't leave us alone...
and the birds are making a lot of noise...
Hmmm, I'm not getting much napping done, this is not what I had in mind.
Hey Angel, why'd you leave? Oh well, that means more birdies and sunshine for me!
Hope you have plenty of what you enjoy today!

PeeS: Please cross your paws and send some purrs for our sisfur Sadie because she's going to the v-e-t today to have a growth on her neck checked out. It's been bleeding and stuff so she's going to have it checked out to make sure it's not anything bad. Thank you!

UPDATE: Thanks for all the purrs! Sadie is home now and the vet said she has a large skin tag that has become irritated which made it break open and bleed and look icky. We're all glad it's nothing serious. Sadie's blood pressure is high - hopefully due to the vet visit and not to Cushings disease but the vet is consulting with another vet and will let us know. The vet also thought Sadie's fur was thinner and her undercoat wasn't as thick as usual and contributed it to Cushings. On a positive note, Sadie is now a "svelte" 91 lbs, down from 99 lbs at her last visit! Yes, she's a big girl and some have thought she has wolf in her genes but we think she's our perfect husky girl! Thanks again for all the positive thoughts! We were very worried since we've lost two pets to cancer so we appreciate it very much!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tortie Tuesday

It's Tortie Tuesday! Today's lesson is to not dwell on the past when things may have been cloudy, to not worry about the future and what it may bring but to live in the moment and savor everything about it. Right now I'm savoring the sunshine...
and certainly enjoying every single moment of it!
I hope you enjoy every moment of your day every day!

Happy Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Stick-y Situation

We had a recent experience with nature! We got our very own stick to play with! Well, I think that's what Mommy thought we'd want to do with it but we weren't so sure but we checked it out anyway.
It does move kinda funny when you whap it.
It breaks when you put the bitey on it too.
It doesn't have any catnip in it though.
What fun is it without Nip Mommy?
Sticks are for the birds!

We hope you have fun with your stick or whatever else you want to play with this Monday!
Isabella and Angel

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

We're wishing all the daddys of kids with and without furs a very Happy Father's Day!

We also want to let our daddy know how much we love him! He always plays with us and makes sure we have a box or two to lay in.
He makes sure our big sisfur Sadie is always happy and gets to do things she enjoys like going to the beach.
And since I'm Daddy's Girl, there's no place I'd rather be than with my daddy!
Happy Father's Day Daddy! We love you!
Isabella, Angel and Sadie

Happy Father's Day to our Grandpa in Kansas too! Thank you for always taking such good care of us too when Mommy and Daddy are gone!

Happy Father's Day Dad!
Love, Sharla and J

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sadieday Field Trip!

Today is a special Sadieday because we're going on a field trip! I love field trips and am very excited so let's stop wasting time and get going!
We're here! We're at the coast! One of my most favorite places ever!
I love watching the sea gulls...
I love getting my toesies wet in the ocean! Why you backing up Mommy? Don't you want to get your toesies wet too?
I love running on the wide open beach...
I just love the coast - can you tell?
I hope you enjoyed our field trip today!

Have a Happy Sadieday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Making Tails Wag One Bead At A Time!

We're here today because the current EtsyBloggers blog carnival is for Mommy to post about her recent accomplishments. Well, our mommy doesn't like tooting her own horn so we're going to tell you some of her accomplishments on her behalf.

As many of you know, our mommy makes and sells beaded jewelry on Etsy in her BeadedTail shop. Well, last month a purchase by Delilah from The Monkeys was her 125th sale! We think this is a great accomplishment! She gets just as excited with each sale as she did with the first sale way back in March 2008. Thanks Delilah for helping her hit this milestone!
Since Mommy started making and selling jewelry on Etsy, she's contributed $1,200 from her BeadedTail sales to animal and human charities. Contributing to charity was the reason she opened her shop so we're thankful to her customers for helping her help charities!
In addition to being a member of the EtsyBloggers, she's also a member of the Etsy Angels which is another wonderful team that has fundraisers every other month in which they donate a portion of their sales to team member's chosen charity. Well, last month the charity was one that Mommy chose - Chintimini Wildlife Rehab Center. At the end of the month, the Etsy Angels had 171 sales and raised $311.10 for Chintimini! We are all very thankful for each Angel who participated!

We are glad to have this chance to toot Mommy's horn since normally the only tootin' around our house is done by Sadie!
Hope you have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tortie Tuesday

It's Tortie Tuesday! Lately it seems that all I do around here is help out everyone and today is no exception. After helping Daddy with his finals last week, I'm now helping him get his "honey you'd better do" list done. I'm helping him hang a shelf and making sure he doesn't get it crooked. You notice that I'm staying out of the box behind me since this is work time and I take my job very seriously. Box time comes when the job is done.
Uh oh, I think I hear something going near my box...
No one would dare touch a hard working Tortie's box would they?
Guess all work and no play means Angel takes your box away.

Anyway, hope you have a Happy Tortie Tuesday!