Monday, June 18, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up

We finally had a weekend where we had nothing to do but relax...
It was nice! Another nice thing that happened was that Daddy turned the blinds just right so I could enjoy a sunpuddle while playing with my nip pillow...
He also took Mommy to her happy place on his day - Father's day. Of course, Mommy found a heart shaped shell...
It's fitting since we love our Daddy very much every single day of the year. We lucked out by getting the best cat daddy ever! Not many would let a 13 lb Tortie bowling ball sleep on them. Just sayin.

How was your weekend?

Happy Monday to you!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Not Feeling It Today...

Hey Angel, Mommy says we need to do something blog worthy but I'm not feeling it, are you?
Nah, I'm not feeling it either but I got an idea. How about spa time. That'll get her to leave us alone...
Brilliant idea, little sis!
*lick lick lick lick lickity lick*
It took five minutes but it worked! We may not be blog worthy but we're all spiffed up for the weekend!

We hope you have a spiffy weekend!
Isabella and Angel