Thursday, November 29, 2012


I have been thinking lately about just how much I do around here for Mommy's BeadedTail shop.  As you saw yesterday, I do quality control on the packaging and that's not always easy.  That ribbon can get out of control but I tame it and sometimes even make it more beautiful!  There's times when it's so beautiful that Mommy can't bear to let it go so she'll snip it off and put it in a special saving container on the floor.  

Anyway, I'm also the inspiration behind a lot of things in the shop for instance notice how I'm sitting...
See anything on this journal that looks familiar...
Of course that quote obviously was inspired by me.  Mommy says she's been saying it forever but I've only heard it since I've been here so that must mean it's because of me.  What would she do without me...
I do my job purrfectly!

Hope you have a purrfect day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tortie Tuesday

It's Tortie Tuesday!  As you probably know by now, we help out a lot behind the scenes around here.  One of my jobs is to help Mommy on the computer.  It's really a tough job but somekitty has to do it...
Recently though Mommy found out she has disc degeneration in her spine.  I have no idea what that means other than her back hurts pretty bad if she sits too long so her doctor and her physical therapist both told her she has to get up every 30 minutes or so.  Do they not realize this can really mess up naps work?
Obviously I wasn't consulted so I'm going to go about my work as usual...
Don't want to mess up progress!

Hope you have a productive day!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

We hope everybuddy had a nice, long holiday weekend!  We had an okay weekend since we were missing our sisfur Sadie so much.  She loved turkey even more than we do so it was sad she wasn't here with us but we know she is always with us in spirit.  We did have a smile on our face on Sadieday because of Sasha and Gizmo's Sadieday stroll here.  We loved seeing those happy woofies strolling on Sadieday!

Yesterday though, our neighbor's 17 year old dog had to go to the Rainbow Bridge but we didn't know until Pepper's dad drove her away and her mom fell to her knees in their driveway wailing and sobbing.  Our mommy recognized that pain so figured out what happened and went outside to comfort her.  They both ended up sitting in the driveway hugging and bawling.  All the other neighbors probably thought they were bonkers since they didn't know what was going on but we're glad Mommy was there for her since she knows how Pepper's mom feels.

Anyway, we did get a lot done this weekend.  We helped make a tennis bracelet, some Tortie (tigers eye) earrings and also a necklace in memory of a special Mancat...
Don't worry, we also got in plenty of naps whenever we could...
We're going to have another busy week because our Grandpa is coming on Friday so we will be getting ready for him to come spoil visit us!

We hope your week is a good one!

PeeS:  We'll be putting Mommy's BeadedTail shop on vacation December 3rd-7th so if you'd like a custom item before Christmas, please let us know before December 2nd.  Thank you! 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday Features

Welcome to the start of the holiday shopping season!  Today's features include some of our blog friends who have fabulous products perfect for gift giving!   We support small businesses and hope you will too this holiday season!  We also hope you enjoy our picks! 

We're taking the weekend off from blogging but we'll be back on Monday!

Please click on the links above the photos to go to the items or shop featured.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to our furiends here in the U.S.! We're reflecting on all that we're thankful for today...
Our list includes...

Our furiends throughout the world
A loving furever home
The Birdie Network
Plenty of food and treats
Toys and boxes

We could list more but is that turkey I smell Mommy?
We hope your home is filled with love, your heart is filled with love and your tummy is filled with yummy foods!

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!
Angel, Isabella and our Mommy

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tortie Tuesday

It's Tortie Tuesday!  I was laying next to Mommy while enjoying my normal morning long nap when I had the most pawesome dream.  I dreamt that I was two days away from snacking on turkey!
Hey Mommy, is it true if you dream it, it will come?
May all your dreams come true this Tortie Tuesday and always!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Diet? What Diet?

Mommy and Daddy went to the coast yesterday and left us all alone so we had to take things in our own paws.  To make sure we didn't starve, we ordered pizza!
I didn't even totally ruin my diet since I at least made sure it was smooshed thin crust...
You'd think that Mommy would at least have brought home dessert...
But nope, she didn't.  

Hope you get dessert today!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thoughts on Sadieday

It's Sadieday!  I was thinking today that there might be a slight correlation to my desire to sleep all the time to  having to be on an evil diet....
Maybe if I had as much energy as my sisfur Sadie did on her strolls things would be different.  She was so fast she was a blur...
Even when she was still her tail was moving faster than I do...
And of course she smiled on the time, she always got treats!
I might be on to something with this less activity/less food thing but I better keep thinking about it...
Maybe I need more food for more activity.  What do you think?

Hope you have plenty of treats and plenty of smiles today!  Be sure to spread those smiles around today and every day!

Have a Happy Sadieday and a great weekend!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Features

Welcome to Friday Features!  It's been a crazy busy week and I sure hope that's not an indication of how the holidays are going to be!  I did get a chance to roll out some new designs using wood charms so today's features are inspired by my new pawprint earrings.  I hope you have a 'paws' in your day to enjoy my picks!  

Click on the links above the photos for more detail on items and shops featured.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Our friend Edi from Memories for Life Scrapbooks made new ornaments for dogs and cats in her shop this year.  Well, it so happened that the name on the sample cat ornament she made is my name!   Since it had my name on it already, Edi was very kind and sent it to me!  
I love it!  It's absolutely purrfect and it even passes the official Tortie Taste Test...
And my own secret test that always freaks Mommy out...
She also made one for my little sisfur Angel.  She loves her ornament too but as you can see, she loves birdies just a bit more...
She did take time out to give it the official Angel sniff test and it passed...
Thank you so much Edi!  We love our ornaments very much!  
We hope you have lots to be thankful for today!
Isabella and Angel

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tortie Tuesday

It's Tortie Tuesday, my favorite day of the week!  Since it is such a great day and I've been doing so well on my d-i-e-t, Mommy said I can have an extra treat today...
Trouble is she put it so far away that I'd have to actually move to get it.  I wonder if I can bring it closer to me with my mind...
One good thing about being on a d-i-e-t is that my hearing has gotten way better.  I still can't hear a delivery truck in the cul-de-sac but I can hear the slightest sound of a can of stinky goodness being opened so I never miss a meal!  I have lost .4 lbs so am down to a svelte 12.8 lbs.  I'm looking and feeling good!

Hope you feel good this Tortie Tuesday too!