Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Sadieday - Halloween Edition!

Happy Halloween! Since today is Sadieday, guess who got picked to wear a costume today? Yep, me. I wanted to be SuperDog with a cape and efurrything but I didn't have a say so this is my costume...
Can you tell what I am? Maybe this will help...
This may take awhile to figure out...
Okay, here is what I'm supposed to be. KC Wolf!
I think I would have made a better SuperDog. Now if only I had a cape!
Hope you have a great Sadieday and Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sisfurly Love

My sisfur and I may not look like we have much in common but there is one thing that brings us together - napping!
We both love to nap and it's the only time I'll let either of my sisfurs get very close to me.
It helps to have a bed barrier in between us.
I admit, I love both my little sisfurs and you can tell that Isabella loves me too.
The reason I allowed a photo shoot of me being close to my sisfur is that we got the "Showing Some Love Award" from Dave, Zim, Ammy and Storm at The Army of Four! Their house is full of love like ours so we appreciate them giving us this award! Thank you very much!
How'd we do showing love Mommy? You don't know how hard that was to do when I really wanted to stick out my tongue. But I didn't, much...
We always appreciate you taking a little time out of your day to visit us so we'd like to show the love by passing this award to any of our readers who'd like to accept it!

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tortie Tuesday!

Happy Tortie Tuesday! Today's lesson is about sharing. There are times that I think that I don't want to share anything such as a nice comfy couch. Daddy can find another place to sit.
But then I realize, sharing can be very nice and warm and comfy!
Yep, sharing, especially with Daddy, is definitely a good thing!
Thanks for sharing Tortie Tuesday with me!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mamarazzi Once Again!

♫One little, two little, three little birdies♫
♫Four little, five little, six little birdies♫
Oh no, not again!
Mommy don't you have anything better to do?
Hope you have another birdie-full Monday!
Angel & Isabella

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Serene Sunday and Catching Up (Still)

We sorta overdid it yesterday by playing race track all over the house and playing in boxes and with paper and, well, you get the picture.
So today, we are going to rest ALL day long! Before we do, we need to acknowledge some awards that we got hundreds of years ago - our bean help is very, very slow. We're still behind but hope to get caught up soon!
Anyway, hope you are having a fun weekend and getting plenty of rest!****************************************************
Sakura has given us two awards in the past month. Aren't these cute?
Sakura is from Romania and proves that the language of cats, friends and music is universal! Thank you for the awards Sakura!
Roschelle from Inconsequential Logic gave us the Circle of Friends award!
Roschelle has a wonderful blog where she shares her experience and wisdom regarding blogging and other interesting things. You'll for sure learn something new from her - I certainly do! Thank you for the award Roschelle!*******************************************************
Mary from ThatDesignGal surprised us with the Dragon's Loyalty Award!
Mary recently rescued a stray kitten named Molly and is now giving her the loving home she deserves. She has posted about Molly but also other things going on in her life and she makes you feel like you're visiting a friend. Thank you Mary! We appreciate it!
Zoey from The Island Cats gave us the Island Princess Award!
We love visiting The Island Cats so it's an honor to receive this award from the lovely Zoey! She is truly a Princess and of course we are too! Thank you so much Zoey!
Margaret from Splendid Little Stars gave us the Honest Scrap award!
Margaret is multi-talented with both crafts and photography. We always enjoy visiting her blog and seeing her work - especially her photos of her kitties Ernest and Oliver . We know we're supposed to give 10 facts about ourselves with this award but we're not good at that so will have to refer to some facts we've posted before. Thanks for the award though Margaret!********************************************************
As for passing on these awards, it's nearly impossible to pick since we enjoy so many blogs so consider this passed to you if you'd like to accept it! Thanks to all our readers!

Have a great Sunday!

EtsyBlogger of the Month - Made by Melissa

The EtsyBlogger for the month of October is Melissa from Made by Melissa! She has a shop filled with jewelry and also lovely crocheted items such as these:
Be sure to visit her shop and her blog to find out more about the talented Melissa!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stroll With Sadie!

It's my favorite day of the week again - Sadieday! Yesterday we were going to go on a daytime stroll but when we opened the door, this is what we saw...
Rain. Oh well, we've been going on nightime strolls so why don't you come along with us! These flowers remind me of my furriends The Army of Four and The OP Pack back in Kansas!
Hey Mommy, look at that!
If we find one can we take it home and show my little sisfurs? I like deers and they like flying thingys so it's perfect for us! Ha roo roo!
We never saw one so we came home empty pawed. There's always the next time though!
Hope you enjoyed our stroll!
Have a Happy Sadieday!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Features!

Welcome to another edition of Friday Features! This week's features are inspired by a kitty necklace that I made last weekend. I've had the design in my head for months and it finally came together in the purrfect necklace! So, since it's blue, I found other Etsy items with various shades of blue also. I hope you enjoy my picks!

Click on the links above the photos for more information on the items or shops.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Halloween is coming up next week and we're not really looking forward to it at all. We don't like to hear the doorbell or see those little creatures at the door. We usually spend the night upstairs with Mommy while Daddy feeds the creatures candy. But, the main reason is that something spooky comes over my little sisfur Angel. She starts to glow from the inside out!
Be careful not to look her in the eyes or you'll start to glow too!
Don't say I didn't warn ya!
Are you looking forward to Halloween?