Thursday, February 28, 2013

Time for Relaxing...

Since it's sorta the middle of tax season, Mommy is taking her one allowed three day weekend off starting tomorrow.   That means we are in charge of keeping her off her work computer...

And holding her down so she can relax...
So because we're going to be working hard at making sure she doesn't work hard, we're taking another short blogcation until Monday or Tuesday.  We've taken more blog breaks this tax season than ever before because Mommy's too crabby busy to help us.  Maybe we need to talk to her about priorities!  Anyway, enjoy your weekend!  We sure will!

Have a great weekend!
Isabella and Angel

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tortie Tuesday

It's Tortie Tuesday!  I have discovered what is meant by "big box" stores - it's a store with really BIG boxes!

I'm not even taking up half of this box and it has handles making it a mobile box too.  Isn't it pawesome?

This is the bestest discovery ever!  All kitties should have a BIG box from a big box store!

Have a Happy Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a nice weekend filled with sunpuddles and fishies...

But I should've known something was up when Mommy voluntarily let me watch fishies on her laptop.  She was trying to distract me while she went and cheated on us with the neighbor woofie!

His name is Baylor and he's 4 months old and he fell under Mommy's spell so fast it even surprised his mom and dad.  She played ball with him a lot and yes, his ears both point to right which some might think is cute...

Mommy thought he was pretty cute and was falling under his puppy spell but luckily he reminded her what puppies are really like when he began to dig to China ending up with his nose covered in mud...

Mommy was happy she could just visit and come home to us while his mom had to wash his feet and face before he could go back inside!  Phew!  That was close!

Hope your weekend was a good one!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thank Cod It's Sadieday!

We're so happy it's Sadieday!  We won't get woke up at 3:40am for two whole days plus Mommy and Daddy have nothing to do but take care of our every desire just the way it should be, right?  We'll take care of them too like holding Mommy down during the races this weekend...

We know Sadie would be proud of us since she used to hold her down too...

And she'd get scritches out of the deal too...

She had Mommy wrapped around her big ole husky paw!

We hope you have a weekend doing what you enjoy best!  As always, be sure to smile since smiles are contagious! Depending on how our weekend goes, we may take an extended Sadieday until Tuesday.  

Have a Happy Sadieday and weekend!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Features

Welcome to Friday Features!  It's the last Friday of February and I haven't done a Friday Feature since the first Friday this month - time is getting away from me!  Today's features are inspired by my favorite color, purple.  Hope you enjoy my purple picks!

Click on the links above the photos for more information about the item and shop featured.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Because I Like To...

I confess, I love a good face rub or two on pretty much anything in the house.  There's several corners that present themselves to purrfect face rubbing technique.  It's important to start with in the right position...

Then begin the rub but don't forget to smile...

And finish with a nice neck rub too...

It just feels so good!  

Do you enjoy a nice face rub every so often too?

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

PeeS:  Happy Birthday to our Grandpa from Kansas!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tortie Tuesday

It's Tortie Tuesday, my most favorite day of the week!  I no longer have to wear my scarf because I'm all healed up from my surgery and my stitches have even been removed.  I think my sisfur is as happy I'm scarf-less as I am since it took her a long time to get used to it.  She'd sit on the cat tree and glare and hiss at me and sometimes come bop me in the head...

Eventually she got closer and was nicer but I think it was just because of the window whiffs...

You'd think she'd know that it's not nice to be mean to somekitty because they are different.  Even though we may look or smell different on the outside for some reason, we're still the same on the inside!

Be kind to everybuddy because we're more similar than different no matter what type of scarf we may or may not be wearing!

Happy Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Reality TV

Since we're sort of addicted to birdie videos and Mommy wanted her laptop back, Daddy went out and bought us our own reality Birdie TV...  

It gets pawesome reception too!

Just to make sure we never lose the channel, he put up antennas to keep our signal strong...

Now all we need is a comfy couch up against the window to watch TV from...

Thanks Daddy for our new Birdie TV!  We love you!

Hope you have a great Monday!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Celebrating the Original Sadieday!

We're getting a little head start on Sadieday since today would have been our sisfur Sadie's 12th Gotcha Day!  We thought cute puppy photos of her would be the perfect way to begin the weekend so here's Sadie as she strolled into Mommy and Daddy's hearts...

She sure was a cute little baby wasn't she?

It's easier to see how small she was next to Daddy...

And here she is with our other angel sisfur KC who was 40 lbs.  Sadie grew up to weigh twice that...

We hope you enjoyed seeing Sadie's baby pictures!  They sure started our weekend off with a smile and we hope you're smiling too!

We hope you have some treats in Sadie's honor!  Enjoy your weekend!

PeeS:  If you haven't read about how Sadie became a part of our family, you can do so here if you'd like.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

♥ Happy Valentines Day! ♥

Since this week has been extra busy for Mommy and we haven't been very cooperative for photo shoots, we're going to use photos from two years ago when we weren't so cooperative either. It even stars our sisfur Sadie so we hope you enjoy! 
Today is Mommy's favorite holiday because she loves hearts and all the cheery colors so you'd think we'd want to be extra good for this photo shoot.  Well, I'm the Supermodel in the family but for some reason she tried to get photos of my sisfurs with the red stuffed heart instead of calling in me, the purrfessional. Well, Angel didn't want to look at the camera...
Mommy was able to get one sorta good photo of her before she took off...
because this happened...
Sadie crashed the photo session and started sniffing the heart...
and me...
So I decided to get in position for the photo shoot but Sadie tried to upstage me...
The she started howling. Loudly.
Sometimes it's tough being a Supermodel but I'm a Tortie and I will persevere!
Anyway, we hope you have a Valentines Day and every day filled with love!
Isabella and Angel

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

PeeS:  Isabella's lab results came back and she had a basal cell tumor but it's benign and has been totally removed from her neck so all is well.  Thanks again for all the purrs!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tortie Tuesday

It's Tortie Tuesday!  I want to thank everybuddy for your continued purrs and positive thoughts.  We're still waiting for the lab results on the bump thingy removed from my neck but no news is good news, right?  Mommy says it has to be, there's no other option.  Anyway, I'm healing up nicely and have been really cuddly and loveable lately but yet I always have been so that's not any different.  My sisfur is still being hissy with me from time to time like when I was just minding my own business watching birdies...
And then here she comes to glare and growl at me...
We actually didn't know she knew how to hiss since nobuddy had heard her before but guess I must really stink like the v-e-t's or else she's jealous of my stylish sock scarf.  Would you believe that I haven't even tried to take off my scarf?  It just doesn't bother me although it does make things a tad bit complicated...
But it works to my advantage when I schmooze Mommy into cuddling me when she's supposed to be working...
I'll show you what the sock scarf is covering up so if you don't wanna see it, close your eyes!  Otherwise, here's my purple stitches and my Tortie colored skin...
See, it's not icky or anything because I haven't been able to scratch it although I sure do try!  Anyway, thanks again for all the purrs and prayers!  I know they worked and will continue to do so!

I hope you have a Happy Tortie Tuesday!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quick Update

Just wanted to let everybuddy know that I'm doing well after my dental cleaning and surgery on Friday!  The stitches on my neck are itchy so I have to wear my custom made sock scarf but it's working because I'm healing nicely.  I just wish they hadn't stole my Tortie furs but they'll grow back soon...
The vet's office called yesterday to check on me but the lab results on the cyst weren't in yet.  I'm sure everything is okay but it'll be good to get the official report so Mommy and Daddy can quit worrying.  Thanks for all the purrs and positive thoughts!

Anyway, I'll be back on Tortie Tuesday!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Positive Thoughts Appreciated

I'm going in to the v-e-t today for a dental cleaning and to have a bump removed from my neck.  I know everything will be okay but Mommy and Daddy are worried since that's what they do.  Anyway, if you could send positive thoughts our way, we'd appreciate it!
Since Mommy will be busy catering to my every need, we're going to take a break until next Tortie Tuesday.  I'll make sure she updates this post though so everybuddy knows I'm okay.

Have a great weekend and thanks for the purrs!

UPDATE:  12:30pm PT  Thanks for all the purrs and positive thoughts!  The vet called and Isabella is doing well and had no teeth extractions.  The cyst on her neck, however, was not a fatty tumor which the vet thought it'd be so we'll have it tested to make sure it's not anything bad.  Isabella will be able to come home in 3-4 hours.

UPDATE:  6:45pm PT  Isabella is home and doing well.  She's scratching at her mouth and neck so we cut up an old fuzzy sock and put it on her.  She keeps rolling around on the floor to either get it off or get the icky vet smell off of her.  Angel's convinced she's an alien.  It's gonna be a long night!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mighty Crinkly Paper Hunter

Mommy's office is filled with crinkly paper that needs to be tamed because it keeps us busy!  I burrow in it and wait for any signs of movement...
It's never fast enough for my mighty hunting skills...
I feel like I'm being watched...
Hey there Isabella...I'm ripping this crinkly paper to shreds so you just shoo away...
Now where was I?  Oh yeah, watch out crinkly paper, I'm the mighty hunter!
I don't know why Mommy complains about working in her office so much, it's lots of fun!

Hope you have lots of fun today too!