Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Features!

Welcome to my Friday Features! Today's features are based on a kitty's birthday celebration since next Monday, August 3rd, Angel will be celebrating her 3rd birthday! I hope you enjoy these selections that show great ways to celebrate your kitty's birthday!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Some of our readers have already met the fabulous Siberian Husky family from Kansas - the Army of Four consisting of Amber, Dave, Storm and Zim. Well, their mom, Karen, makes wonderful bags that she sells via her blog Bags by KZK and she recently made us a HTP! (Hold the Phone!) Bag that we're very thankful for!

Mommy always has trouble carrying her cell phone, camera and some poop bags (a girls got to do what a girls got to do!) while holding onto my leash so she needed something to help her keep everything together. Mommy asked Karen to make us a HTP! Bag with the stipulations that it have red on it to match my collar and leash and it couldn't be too girly in case Daddy carried it.

When it arrived, my little sisfur Isabella had to sniff it right out of the package but as you can see, I came right over and made sure she knew it was MY bag!
My other little sisfur Angel had to check out MY bag too. Isn't it a fabulous bag? It turned out better than we could ever imagined! Of course Mommy can't imagine anything but numbers but still... I tried to model it by snooter hanging but it didn't work out so well.
Here's Karen's dog Dave modeling it like a pro. Isn't he handsome?
We've taken the HTP! Bag on all our hikes and even to the coast already! Here's a picture of it in action! We love our HTP! Bag since Mommy isn't always dropping something (and slowing me down). It hooks onto my leash so is always ready to go when I am! Thank you so much for making us such a great bag Karen!

Check out Karen's blog for the HTP! Bag as well as all the other kinds of great bags she makes!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tortie Tuesday!

It's Tortie Tuesday and today's lesson is that all of us need some alone time every now and then. I thought by curling up on a pillow that matched my furs, I'd be hidden so could nap in peace.
I was wrong. I see the flashy box. Is it gone yet?
Although it's not always easy, try to take a little time for yourself every chance you get. It's important to recharge and maybe even get a little beauty sleep. You'll be glad you did! I always am!

Have a wonderful Tortie Tuesday!

P.S. We just found out that our furiend Franklin has bronchitis. He is in need of purrs and his mom needs support so please pay them a visit.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Queen of Something...

My sisfurs may not know it but I am the Queen of the House! Well, at least the Queen of Mommy's Desk! I have a really neat box throne from which I can sit up tall and look down on my subjects.
I just noticed that my furs need to be brushed. A Queen should never look so mussed up. Being Queen of Mommy's Desk is exhausting!
I hearby proclaim it to be naptime!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Favorite Topic - FOOD!

We were given the opportunity to try out Addiction pet foods and we accepted the responsibility with gusto! Mommy wants us to eat healthy and lose some weight. We just want to eat and we're just fine with our weight. Anyway, we all got new foods to try and so Mommy will give are our results.
Sadie usually eats dry food so she tried the Viva La Venison dry food as well as the King Salmon & Potatoes canned food and also the Steakhouse Beef & Zucchini Entree which is Raw Dehydrated Food. She liked but wasn't enthusiastic about the Venison dry food. We mixed it with her current food and she sniffed it but was content to leave it sit for awhile - i.e. until the cats came around and then she ate it. That was not the case with the canned food, she really liked it! But the dehydrated food was her favorite! The sample bag only had about a cup of the dehydrated food so at first I mixed about half that with 1/2 cup of water and gave that to her. She wouldn't stop licking the bowl once it was gone so I went ahead and gave her the rest. Of course she wanted more. According to the bag a serving for a dog her size is 4 cups so I don't know if that much would satisfy her since she was certainly not satisfied with only 1 cup!
Angel & Isabella also tried the Viva La Venison dry food and the King Salmon & Potatoes canned food and also the Unagi & Seaweed canned food. They normally eat dry food with canned food given as an occasional treat. They did like both varieties of canned food, however, since I only gave them half a can at once they didn't eat the King Salmon & Potatoes after it had been refrigerated. They liked the Unagi & Seaweed both fresh out of the can and also from the fridge the next day. They liked the dry food right from the start and seem to get full quicker so hopefully they won't eat as much!
If healthy foods taste as good as Addiction foods, we think it's okay to switch. But we will not give up our junk food Temptations!

Hope you enjoyed our review of Addiction foods as much as we enjoyed eating it!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stroll With Sadie!

It's Sadieday so it's time for another stroll with me! When we go on strolls, I don't like to dilly dally so come on let's go!
Follow my tail Mommy!
I can go really fast on this wide open trail!
Are you coming slow-poke?
I guess I shouldn't have said that. Time to head back down the hill and go home.
Hope you enjoyed going on a stroll with me today! Enjoy your Sadieday!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Today we have another reason to be thankful! Mommy won a cute little mini pine basket from Patti at peacoxcreations! She thinks it's the cutest little thing! We happen to think we're pretty cute too!
Isabella, can you believe that Patti made this little basket by hand with pine needles? Look how the sides are so neatly woven!
And the braided handle is neat too! It's light as a feather Angel!
Oops, it doesn't float like a feather does it?
Thank you Patti! Mommy loves her little basket and for some reason has put it out of our reach after our photo shoot.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tortie Tuesday!

I've been working on my supermodel poses so I look as beautiful as my Tortie furiends Tasha and Delilah. Whatcha think of this pose? Notice my Tortie Teapot tail!
Phew! It's pretty exhausting holding supermodel poses.
I mean really exhausting!
I think I just need to lay here and rest up after all that.
Appreciate the natural beauty in you and everything around you! Be true to yourself because it's hard trying to be something you're not. I am beautiful but I'm not a supermodel - at least not yet anyway!

Have a wonderful Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Movie Night!

This weekend we had a movie night so we got all comfy on the couch in Daddy's "ManCave" (since he's the only boy in the house we let him have one room for his video games and big TV). What should we watch tonight Angel?
*whispers* How about a movie on sisfurly love Isabella?
Okay, that sounds like a very good choice.
What? Did you change it to an action flick?
I don't want to watch a movie with you after all.
You are a movie night party pooper Angel!
That was a good movie Mommy! Can we watch it again?