Friday, August 31, 2018

Finally Friday

We hope you had a great week! We sure did! More specifically, our mommy did! She thanks everyone for the birthday wishes on Tuesday. She had one of her best birthdays ever because of this...
Yes, the gorgeous roses made her super happy and she can't stop smelling them - I can't either - but also, I came downstairs to spend time with Mommy on her birthday. I hadn't done that since NOstopitgetdownleaveitNO Lexi came so when I got in the open window, she was extremely happy...
I laid beside her for a long time and then laid on the huge kennel in our living room...
Wait a minute. This kennel is snoring...
Hey! Would you knock it off in there?
Yeah, well, snoring is way better than the Wiggle Butt being awake...
Anyway, I stayed with Mommy for a long time on her birthday and made her day - along with the roses, of course. Your wishes helped too! Thanks again everybuddy!

How has your week been?

Enjoy your long, holiday weekend!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A Big Birthday!

It's our mommy's milestone squizillionth birthday today! We suppose we should get up and celebrate with her. Maybe after one more nap...
Since Mommy's really old now she'd understand how nice it is to nap. Plus we don't want to wake somepuppy up...
It's pretty peaceful when NOleaveitgetdownstopNO Lexi sleeps. Yeah, okay, so she doesn't chase us anymore but still, she's got way more energy than anybuddy should. Anyway, since she recharges sleeps more these days, we were able to do some shopping for Mommy's surprise present...
It's a super soft kitty blanket for us to cuddle with her in and kitty socks because she loves those. Lexi didn't get her anything. Just sayin. 

Our grandma from Vegas and Aunt Dolly are here so we're hoping Dolly tires Lexi out. We'll all be celebrating our Mommy's big day! Enjoy a treat in her honor!

Happy Birthday, Mommy!
Isabella and Angel

Friday, August 24, 2018

Finally Friday

We're sure glad it's Friday! It's been another long week with leaveitNOstopitgetdownNO Lexi here which is why we're late in posting today. She was so wound up this morning that after an hour of her being crazypuppy, Mommy did go crazy and contemplated running away from home! Daddy came home to give them both a time out which Mommy spent relaxing upstairs with us...
More progress was made with Lexi this week but she has a ways to go yet. On their three walks a day, so many people stop and say how cute she is...
Mommy says being cute is her saving grace. Lexi knows it too because she can work those puppy eyes like nobuddy's business! Anyway, we're glad for the weekend so one of the peeps can puppy sit while the other spends more time with us!

Do you have any weekend plans?

Happy Friday!
Isabella and Angel

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tortie Tuesday

Hey everybuddy! It's been awhile for Tortie Tuesday but I wanted to let you know the state of things around here ever since that wiggle butt, Lexi, moved in. For the first several days she was here, my sisfur, Angel, and I stayed out of that brat's way which wasn't so bad since we had good sunpuddles...
But then I started getting perturbed because she was always downstairs with my daddy so I started making my presence known which sent her in a tizzy...
Mommy has been asked why Lexi always has a leash on. Well, can you see why? She's a fast little burger so that gives our peeps 6 more feet of chance to catch her. Anyway, the other day I got hungry braver so I came all the way downstairs...
I had been about a foot from Lexi and hissed at her twice to let her know who's boss then I just sat back and watched Mommy try to keep her attention away from me. Her attention span is .236 seconds but she actually did pretty good. She doesn't get in so much of a tizzy anymore so we even enjoyed movie night together...
I was on Mommy for a bit too but left before she could reach her camera. Anyway, as of Sunday, Lexi no longer has her leash on in the house unless she gets in a tizzy again and chases us which has only happened once. She looks pretty harmless doesn't she?
Don't let that fool you! She's 100% Energizer puppy! She has come a long way in the week she's been here though. She had quite a few habits that needed to be changed and those are changing. As for her hogging Daddy's attention, well, he gives me lots of cuddles and lets me know I'm still his girl. He does the same for Angel but of course I know I'm his favorite even if he won't say it because I'm the Tortie!

Have a great Tortie Tuesday!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Finally Friday

Hoo boy, what a week this has been! As you've probably figured out, we have a new family member and we weren't consulted. Her name is Lexi and she's a 13 week old Golden Retriever...
Don't let that sweet face fool you! She's wound up like an 8 day clock and she barks at us and chases us! We stay upstairs but do occasionally come down to inspect the little brat...
She joined our family Sunday and has yet to sleep through the night although she made it to 5am yesterday morning so I suppose that's okay since that's when we wake mommy up for treats anyway. To get Lexi to sleep more, she's taken on three walks a day...
When she does sleep she prefers to be touching our peeps or laying on their feets...
Anyway, she had two previous families but they both didn't work out because the people didn't have time for puppyhood so Mommy was told about her the day before they left for Maui. They went to meet her and, the suckers they are, brought her home after they got back from their trip. We guess she's going to stay here no matter what we think. 

How was your week?

Hope you have a good weekend!
Angel and Isabella

Monday, August 13, 2018

Checking In

Well, our mommy and daddy are back from Maui but they're not quite functional yet. Something about three hours time difference and a white floofy alarm clock going off at o'dark thirty. Whatever. Anyway, we did take a peek at what they did on their trip and most of their photos are of them which they won't sign a waiver for us to show so here's the sunset outside their condo...
Of course there's beach photos...
And even a feral kitty from a stop halfway to Hana...
They had a really nice anniversary trip and enjoyed everything about it but they did discover some things about they car they drove...
1. They're too old to get in and out of it.
2. The trunk is tiny.
3. The back seat is even tinier.
4. They need the A/C on even when the top was down.
5. Black leather seats get really hot when the top is down burning somemommy's booty! MOL!

Anyway, we'll still be posting every so often this month so please be patient with us!

What's been going on in your neck of the woods?

Happy Monday!
Angel and Isabella

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

August 8th

Today is our Mommy and Daddy's 30th anniversary! That's a really long time so they're still enjoying a vacation in Maui...
And we're still enjoying our time with Grandpa from Kansas but we'll celebrate when they get home this weekend.

Hope you enjoy a treat or two in their honor today!

Happy Anniversary to our Mommy and Daddy!
Happy World Cat day to our kitty friends too!
Angel and Isabella

Friday, August 3, 2018

Happy Birthday, Angel!

Today is my 12th birthday! Does anyone get tired of seeing me as a kitten?
I can hear my mommy squee all the way from Maui! Of course she still squees at me...
I plan on getting extra scritches today and anything else I decide to do because it's my birthday!

Hope you have a great day too!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

We Didn't Get the Memo on That

We've been enjoying our time with our Grandpa from Kansas but we just heard the news that our peeps are taking off for a few days. Apparently we didn't get that memo...
They're leaving in the morning so our posts will be even more scarce except for on some special days. We're not sure if we'll be able to comment back so please forgive us. It's not our fault. We'd rather they stayed home but it's okay since Grandpa is good at scritchin. He spoils us too. This actually could be a good thing.

Do you have any big plans coming up this month?

Happy 1st of August!
Angel and Isabella