Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tortie Tuesday!


A girl's gotta do what she can to keep her figure!

What're you laughing at Daddy?

Hope you have a good Tortie Tuesday!



Addendum to yesterday's post: We guess we forgot to tell you what was going on in our cul-de-sac causing all the commotion. Well, the workers have been around for about a month now replacing electrical cables underneath the sidewalks and they had finally made it to the front of our house last week. In addition to disturbing our sleep in the past month, they've cut lines (on accident?) causing our electricty to go out twice for 4-6 hours each time and they've cut off our phone service and our water each for a couple of hours. We hope they are about done so we can have some peace and quiet and Mommy doesn't get upset any more when she can't get on the internet!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Commotion in the Cul-De-Sac

What in the world is making all the noise outside and disturbing our nap?
Can you tell what is going on Angel?
Nope, but it looks like they'll be here for awhile.
There's even an audience of little beans and a little woofie!
I hope we don't run out of treats because Mommy can't get out to go to the store!
Hey, does it look like I'm giving him a nudge in the patooty with my snooter?
Ha roo roo!
Woofie humor. I don't get it.
What I do hope we get is a nap.
Happy (and nappy) Monday to you!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

EtsyBlogger of the Month - Designs by Vanessa

This month's EtsyBlogger of the month is Designs by Vanessa! Vanessa has a wonderful blog and makes lovely cards and jewelry for her Etsy shop. She has something in common with a couple of felines in our household, she has a love for all things birdie! Here are some samples of her beautiful work:
Be sure to visit her shop and her blog to learn more about Vanessa!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stroll With Sadie!

It's Sadieday so time for another stroll with me - and my mommy of course. Are you ready for a stroll? Come on let's go!
I'll let you check out the tall trees while I check my pee-mail.
These trees are so tall I think I know how a Chihuahua must feel like.
Well, the stroll for today is almost over so I'm trying to decide if I should let my pawpawratzi get a face shot.
I'm feeling cute today so I'll throw her a bone. Ha roo roo!
Hope you enjoyed the stroll with me!
Have a great Sadieday!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Features!

Welcome to the first Fall edition of Friday Features! Today's features were inspired by the colors of the leaves that are already turning in my neighborhood. Also by my Nature's Beauty earrings that I was able to re-list after finding more beads! I hope you enjoy all my picks!

Click on the links above the photos for more information on each item.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meeting New Furiends

Hey there, whatcha doin'? Are you really from Alaska?
My woofie sisfur Sadie is an Alaskan Husky but she doesn't look like you.
What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?
Can you come down and play with me?
Okay, I gotta go but I'll let you hang around!
Have a great Purrsday!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tortie Telling on Tuesday!

It's Tortie Tuesday today and I'm going to tell you something that happened at our house last Saturday while Mommy was over an hour away from home at a craft show. We're all scared to tell Mommy about this story so like the photo we posted of her, keep this a secret too!

First let me give you a little background on our family dynamics so the importance/stress of this event makes more sense. I am a Daddy's girl and have him wrapped around my paw. Sadie is both a Momma's girl and a Daddy's girl. Angel has everyone in the house wrapped around her paw but she's really a Momma's girl - BIG time spoilt by Mommy in other words.

Now I'll set the scene. I was downstairs in the ManCave with Daddy sleeping watching football.
We then hear the neighbor call out "Guess I can just walk on in". Daddy hadn't pulled the front door all the way closed and it was wide open for we don't know how long.
Instant panic set in and Daddy said some HBO words. He ran upstairs and found Sadie in our entry way with the neighbor and then the neighbor told him he saw a white cat with brown on it at the bottom of our stairs outside and it ran into the bushes when he walked up. Daddy started yelling for us and although I didn't move, he knew where I was sleeping watching TV wishing he'd quit yelling so much.
He got out Angel's ball with bell toy and also the Temptations bag and shook them like crazy but Angel wouldn't come (she always comes for Mommy). He told the neighbor Angel was Mommy's cat and he'd be in big trouble if he lost her cat. So Daddy and the neighbor were outside looking everywhere for Angel. After awhile he came back inside and looked for her but still no Angel so he went back outside and searched every yard while shaking her ball and the treat bag but didn't find her. (Are you sensing his panic?) He came back in and looked all over the house and was just about to go back outside again when she came up the stairs with her "you lookin' for me?" look.
Daddy told the neighbor he found Angel since he was still outside looking for her. Then he gave Angel nearly an entire bag of Temptations! She had so many she didn't even eat them all (can you imagine too many Temptations?) and Mommy did notice the pile of treats on her nightstand but she doesn't know the reason for so many treats - and we don't want her to know the reason because she'd be upset plus she'd go looking for that other white cat!

I'm glad my little sisfur isn't lost and I'm going to hold on to her so she can't go missing again!
Keep your furbabies close!
Hope you have a great Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

Our mommy is taking over the blog today to tell us about her craft show this weekend but be sure to tune in tomorrow for a Tortie Telling Tuesday and we'll fill you in on what happened at home while mommy was gone. She doesn't know about it yet and we really don't want her to know but we'll tell you tomorrow! Anyway, we'll turn the blog over to mommy for today only...

I participated in my very first craft show this weekend at Village Green Gardens in Cottage Grove, OR. I think I slept about 4 hours Friday night in anticipation of the show and woke up to this sight from my home office (I don't usually see sunrises as I prefer to be sleeping at that time of day)!
Anyway, I was asked to be in this show by a fellow Etsyian, Michelle from SissySoap. She and her sister Maranda were there with their soap and had extra space so let me show my BeadedTail jewelry there. Here's my display:
Here's all the wonderful soapy/body care goodies from SissySoap:
Saturday was overcast and rainy but Sunday was sunny, 70 degrees and gorgeous! We had a great time, had a lot of lookers, several buyers and tons of compliments! In addition to selling, I also took an opportunity to check out the gardens and other sights, which were gorgeous.
The flowers were beautiful!
And the dogs were adorable!
I also did a little shopping and I also found this bag that I tried really, really hard to resist but I just couldn't. It is just so cute that I HAD to have it! Sadie checked it over to see if it moo'd.
Angel asked "Got milk?".
We had a great weekend and now I've caught the craft show bug! I learned a lot this weekend and hope to do more shows this fall. Thanks so much to Michelle and Maranda for letting me "tail" along! I appreciate it!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What I Love About Sunday...

One of the best things about Sunday is a basket of fresh laundry!
Ah, now this is what I call a pile of warm comfy-ness!
Hope you have a warm and wonderful Sunday! We're just going to nap since Mommy is still at her craft show!

Addendum to Friday Features

We have a special announcement! We included a cat pillow by Dreampillows in our Friday Features and we have been told that for every cat pillow sold to one of our blog readers, $1 will be donated to charity! To receive this offer, just put "BeadedTail sent me" in the Notes to Seller when purchasing on Etsy. Below are the pillows once again, click here to see the listings for them on Etsy:
Thanks very much to Dreampillows for this offer!