Friday, October 30, 2015

Reluctant Happy Halloween!

The resident Halloween colored Tortie is sleeping so guess who gets to pose with the pumpkin. Yep, me. The one who hates trick or treaters ringing the doorbell so much we turn out all the lights so no one comes to our door except those who have no clue what no lights on means. Oh well, by Sunday the day will be over for another year so I'll pose but I'm still not happy about it...
Are you like my sisfur Isabella and don't even notice doorbells or scary sticky people or do you despise Halloween and delivery trucks like I do? If you leave your lights on, what treats are your peeps handing out?

Hope you have a doorbell free weekend!

PeeS: Isabella appreciates all the purrs for her trip to the vet. She's feeling better today.

PeePeeS: Happy Birthday Leasa! 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

UPDATE: My Horrible Morning!

I didn't get away with hiding out and was put in my PTU for a car ride. Oh how I hate car rides!
Mommy gave me Rescue Remedy starting early this morning and she talked to me and pet me the whole way but I still got sick. Once I was at the vet's office, Daddy took me out of the PTU and held me and I was much better. It helped that everyone told me how beautiful and soft I was too. They said I am so mellow I'm very un-Tortie like which makes no sense because I'm me and I'm a Tortie so how can I be unlike me? Anyway, I didn't like the cold exam table so they let me lay in the scale. The sides made me feel secure and so did Daddy petting me...
I met the dental specialist and she was very nice. She has asthma too so she understands how afraid Mommy and Daddy are of me having an attack while being under anesthesia. Since she only works in our town on Wednesdays and I have to undergo extra precautions, my dental surgery is scheduled for November 25th - the day before Thanksgiving. A week before this I have to start taking antibiotics and also have a cortisone shot to help prevent an asthma attack. I'll also have two daily treatments of my inhaler instead of one for that week before. Additionally, she gave Mommy and Daddy two estimates for my surgery. Daddy had said he bet there'd be a 2 in front and he was right...
The low one on the left is for surgery lasting 1.5 hours and no board certified anesthesiologist and the other is for 2 hours plus an additional $600 for a board certified anesthesiologist which the specialist recommended since I'm a special needs kitty. Mommy agreed to the board certified anesthesiologist because, well, I'm worth it but as she thought of it more she couldn't believe that all anesthesiologists aren't board certified. This was something she hadn't ever considered before but it seems so logical. Is it something that's not common and she just didn't realize? Anyway, while they discussed the estimate and the board certified thing, I just wanted to get the halibut home!
Are we there yet?
My little sisfur has hissed at me and also bopped me on the head but Mommy yells "HEY!" and she runs away. For awhile. She better be glad I'm mellow.

Hope your day is a good one!

Ugh. Dreading this Day.

I have to go for a consultation with the dental specialist this morning to see what she thinks about my teefs. I really hate going anywhere in the car. I get so upset that I get sick which makes me feel bad and Mommy and Daddy too. So, wonder if they'll see me if I hide out in my Sleepypod instead...
I'm sure they'll find me. Drat. 

I'll update what we find out. When I feel better that is.

My update can be found HERE.

Thank you for the purrs!

PeeS: We were asked how old I am - I'll be 10 in January. Also, how many teefs do I have right now? Not many! I've always had bad teefs so some have been pulled at other cleanings. Because of my bad teefs, I have never chewed my food. Ever. I just swallow foods whole so Mommy has to make sure I don't get anything too big or rigid. This will help me be able to eat if I do have to have all my teefs pulled at least. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tortie Tuesday

As my little sisfur told you yesterday, we finally got our own haunted house! She helped with the construction but it's my job to do the inspection...
No inspection would be complete without checking out the door...
What are you giggling for Mommy?
Despite Mommy not thinking it'd be big enough for me us, it's plenty roomy in here. There's also ample light from above and the floor design is nice too...
I can even nap with my Tortie toe on display...
This haunted houses passes my thorough inspection! I do wish the door was a little bit taller though. I forgot to crouch down and it almost became a mobile home...
Now why are you giggling Mommy?

Hope you enjoy your Tortie Tuesday!

PeeS: I have to go to the dental specialist tomorrow morning for a consultation. Purrs would be appreciated!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Our Own Haunted House!

After seeing kitties all over the blogosphere enjoying their haunted houses we finally got one of our own! Well, it's supposed to be a house but right now it's just the scratcher floor. Maybe the rest of it is still inside the box...
Yay! We got walls!
I'm pretty sure it's supposed to have a roof though...
Oh, here it is Mommy! It's still in the box...
Seriously. What would she do without me? Anyway, our house is finally complete and the inspection is in progress...
We'll see how that goes tomorrow so stay tuned!

What did you do this weekend?

Hope you have a spooky day!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Waiting for Naked Trees

Because of our weird weather this year where it was way too hot and way too dry, the trees are all on different schedules when it comes to losing their leaves. Some are nearly naked, some are just now starting to lose their leaves. Every day I watch more and more leaves turn yellow and flutter to the ground...
It's a lot of fun watching the leaves fall knowing that the trees will soon be naked making the birdies easier to see! Since Daddy has to pick up the leaves, I'm pretty sure he doesn't feel the same way...
He's going to be busy this weekend!

Are your trees naked yet?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

PeeS: Isabella thanks everyone for their concern and purrs regarding her dental issues. Her blood work came back 'perfect' so we're just waiting to hear from the dental specialist to call to find out the next step. We'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tortie Tuesday

This is so not how I wanted to spend Tortie Tuesday...
Seriously. Does this look like a happy Tortie to you?
Nope. Not happy at all! Daddy whisked me away to the v-e-t for a check up and yep, I got car sick but he kept his old SUV for situations like this so it didn't quite have the impact that it would've in his new car. Bummer. Anyway, the v-e-t discovered that I have two cavities. If that wasn't bad enough, the v-e-t thinks I might need ALL my teefs pulled out! I've had bad teefs my whole life and I'm down to just a few so she thinks it might be best to have the rest pulled at once to avoid extractions when I'm even older. Easy for her to say! I have to go to a dental specialists to see what she says first. Until then I'm going to be a drama queen mope...
I look so pitiful that even my little sisfur didn't hiss at me. We'll see how long that lasts since it looks like I'm in for some not so fun times for the near future.

Hope your Tortie Tuesday is better than mine!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

We hope you had a good weekend! We were left alone for a squizillion 6 hours on Saturday while Mommy and Daddy went to the coast to pick up Daddy's new car. Once they got home they spent even more time trying to figure out the gadgets. Then, Mommy had the nerve to ask me to do a photo shoot. I ignored her...
She was persistent but I didn't budge...
*whap! whap! whap!*
That'll teach her!
What do you mean I'm so cute you can hardly stand it? Don't you mean I'm fierce?
She just doesn't get it. *sigh*

What did you do this weekend?

Hope you aren't left alone today!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Stroll Down Memory Lane this Sadieday

These photos are from five years ago today - hard to believe it was that long ago! - but we thought they were cute so wanted to share our Sadieday memories. Hope you enjoy!
We found a new channel that we could all enjoy...
We even got to see the extended version...
Until Sadie started flipping for another channel...
But she found one that we all liked...
That tail looks fun to play with...
This channel is so realistic we can almost smell it huh Sadie? Sadie? SADIE!
Great. She went and changed the channel. With a face like her's we can't be mad though...
Hope this stroll down memory lane brought a smile to your face! Be sure to spread that smile around since you never know who's day you'll brighten with a smile!

Hope you have a Happy Sadieday and a great weekend!
Isabella and Angel

Friday, October 16, 2015

Blanket Hammick

Last week Angel showed how she lays on the blanket hammick over Mommy's legs despite cutting off the circulation in Mommy's legs and toes. Well, I like the blanket hammick too..
Even though it seems to turn into a blanket cocoon...
For some reason, not long after this happens Mommy whines up a storm I have to go lay on Daddy. That's okay, I'm a Daddy's Girl anyway!

Do you get moved if you supposedly cause numbness to your peeps?

Hope you have a Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tortie Tuesday

Since it's Tortie Tuesday I'm letting it all hang out. I just wasn't planning on an audience...
It's a good thing she's cute. *sigh*
Of course she's not as cute as me!

Hope you can hang out in peace today!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Putting the Scratcher to the Test

Today may be the Columbus Day holiday here in the U.S. but I'm working on a review that is very late. Awhile ago Sydney and the nice folks at sent us a pretty red Catit Bench Scratcher to test out. I'm not going to waste any more time so let's get right to the test...
I'm able to make lots of popcorn popping sounds on it plus pop a few wheelies on it too! After all that, it provides the perfect perch to just sit here and look cute...
I really put the Catit Bench Scratcher to the test and it passed with flying colors! It is certainly durable and held up to all my scratching on it even if I wore myself out!
It's 19" long which makes it the right length to nap on in between scratches. I also like the bright red color! Even though Isabella hasn't quite figured out how to scratch on a scratcher, she does like to lay on them...
Anyway, I give the Catit Bench Scratcher four paws up! Thank you so much Sydney and for giving the us opportunity to try it out! If you'd like to get one, hurry on over and purchase since it's even on sale now!
If you haven't purchased from yet, we highly recommend that you give them a try! They have great customer service, quick shipping and the best boxes ever! Plus they offer free delivery on orders over $49 and they have auto-ship too so you never run out of foods or litter! 

Do you enjoy using scratchers?

Hope you have a great day!

Disclaimer: sent us the Catit Bench Scratcher for free. We did not receive any other compensation. This did not influence our opinions at all since we like what we like and nothing can change that!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Finally Friday

We are so glad it's Friday! It's been a busy week! Not only did we work but Mommy left us alone forever for a few hours four out of five days. Some may think cats sleep when left alone and for one of us that's true but I bring my toys downstairs at the door for Mommy to find when she returns home. After all that hard work I'm ready for movie night...
Nothing is better than relaxing on my blanket hammick across Mommy's legs even with her complaining about her toes bending in unnatural ways to the point of not being able to feel them. Whatever.

How was your week?

Hope you enjoy a relaxing Friday and a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tortie Tuesday

Obstacles can't stop you
Problems can't stop you
Others can't stop you

The only one who stops you is yourself.

The need for a nap stops me every time! A Tortie needs her beauty sleep!

Hope no obstacles stop your beauty sleep this Tortie Tuesday!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Oh What a Weekend!

We just had a weekend like no other! It started off pretty normal with a bath in a sunpuddle...
But it quickly changed when we sold earrings from our BeadedTail shop to an incredibly talented author - Jacquelyn Mitchard! We were so shocked and excited that it took Mommy over an hour to find the words (and nerve) to email her our thank you! We asked if it was okay to tell our friends and fans about her purchase and she was very gracious in letting us do so. She also said she was going to wear our earrings in the photo for her next book cover due out in 2017! How's that for exciting?

What makes this sale extra special is that we have been severely lacking in making beady goodies for our shop. We'd simply lost the spark. We used to help Mommy bead because it was her escape from a stressful job situation. Now she loves her new job and is so happy that she hasn't needed that escape. This particular sale has reminded us of the joy we get out of making jewelry and having others appreciate our work too! Plus, the reason we make jewelry is to contribute to animal charities and that is still important to us. So, what does all this mean? It means we spent yesterday afternoon making beady goodies!
Yes I am snoopervising with the eyes in the back of my head...
And Isabella is multi-tasking by inspecting while watching Birdie TV...
This package* reignited the spark that we so desperately needed!
Sometimes we need reminders of what brings us joy. We're grateful and excited beyond words for this sale for many reasons! Most importantly, we're glad the spark is back even if it means less nap time between taxes and beady goodies! It's worth it!

Have you been putting off doing something that brings you joy?

We hope you have a glorious day!

*We wrap every package and include a handwritten note for every sale because each of our customers are special to us whether they are famous or not!