Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tortie Tuesday

Our spring like weather last week has given way to cold temps and even a little snow. I don't mind though. I'm always warm with my daddy...
And the snow keeps my little sisfur entertained and out of my fur...
So to me, the weather is purrfect!

What's it like in your neck of the woods?

Hope you enjoy your Tortie Tuesday!

PeeS: Happy Birthday to our Grandpa from Kansas!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Finally Friday

It's close enough to the weekend so we're going to kick it off with a prize we won recently from the beautiful Truffle and Brulee from Sweet Purrfections. It's a Bavarian Cat Toy Pillow filled with Valerian, Catnip and Spelt (aka the good stuff). As if that wasn't awesome enough, Truffle and Brulee included a couple of treats for us too...
We received the Patchwork Pillow and oh does it smell so awesome...
Angel, this is going to make you crazypants in 3, 2, 1...
Yep, I knew it.
Angel, shush! The neighbors can hear you!
You are so weird, chica...
Bella, why are you upside down?
Seriously Angel, you're not acting very ladycat like...
Ahhh! Such a fabulous scent...
Mucho thanks to Truffle and Brulee and their mom Paula! We appreciate this very much! We love the Bavarian Cat Toy Pillow and the yummy treats! Yes, they will be shared. Maybe.

What makes you go crazypants?

Happy Weekend to you!
Angel and Isabella

Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up

We're back to work today after a really good weekend. Well, except for our peeps sleeping in yesterday and we nearly starved until I ran laps up and down Mommy to get her up. She made Daddy get up and feed us so disaster was averted thank Cod. Anyway, the weekend started with movie night which this time was actually watching the past two episodes of This is Us. Mommy sobbed during the first episode despite me being irresistibly cute...
Ditto with the second episode...
I just don't get why she loves that show when it makes her cry every.single.time. She's weird. Anyway, to make her feel better, Daddy took her to her happy place the next day...
It worked. It helps that her favorite holiday is Wednesday too. Now if only we didn't have to work. It's tough being CPA Cats but somekitties have to do it.

How was your weekend!

Hope you have a great day!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Flashback to Sadieday!

We had a long week working 10 hour days so we can enjoy some time off today so we're doing a Friday Flashback. We chose this post from February 2012 with our angel sisfur Sadie because the photos make our mommy smile. We hope they make you smile too!
Ha roo! It's Sadieday! I love Sadieday and I love strolls so this is the bestest day of the week! I'm ready to go so grab some water and let's get a move on!
The sign says the road is closed but with 4-paw drive I can go anywhere!
I don't know why this road is closed, it looks perfect to me!
It's even got some great off-roading spots too... Obviously the road must be closed just for me to enjoy on Sadieday...
And enjoy it I did and I hope you did too! Be sure to enjoy the roads less traveled in your neck of the woods!

Have a Happy Sadieday!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tortie Tuesday

I know it's Tortie Tuesday but I wanted to talk about this past Sunday. After lunch I was on my way back to bed when something on TV caught my attention...
There was a bunch of crazy kittens running on a field tackling one another...
It was the Kitten Bowl with really high energy kittens!
Oh my Cod! The referee is looking right at me!
I watched the game while Mommy squee'd before I headed back to bed. Those kittens tired this Tortie out!

Did you watch the Kitten Bowl too?

Hope you enjoy your Tortie Tuesday!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Nightly Routine

I know I titled this post Nightly Routine but really it should be the Games Mommy Plays. Every night we go through the same thing where she tries to be stingy with the treats in her nightstand and I patiently wait...
After she pretends to ignore me, I have to get up to hurry things along..
There's no way she can ignore me now...
Especially when I tap tap tap her arm...
She acts like she can resist me but I know she's caving...
Because I can tap tap tap all night long...
She caved. I got treats. Daddy says I'm spoiled. Whatever. Anyway, I wait 3.2 seconds and we start the whole process over again. So, you tell me, is this a routine or is she just playing games?

Do you have any daily routines or games in your house?

Hope you enjoy your weekend!