Sunday, March 22, 2009

Special Sunday!

Today I'm going to do something a little different. I'm going to introduce you to three blogs that if you haven't met yet, they are really worth getting to know! To start off, last week I received the Lemonade award from two of these blogs - Katie at Mishkat and Meghann at Little Studio Photography and Jewellery.
To show my appreciation, here's some more information about these blogs beginning with Mishkat!
I met Katie from Mishkat through Etsy and liked her from the very first contact. She is a huge animal lover and has three kitties pictured below - Tasha, Dobby and Franklin.
Katie has been such a wonderful supporter of mine and I appreciate it more than I can say. Her blog has been entertaining and fabulous from Day 1 as we hear about the antics of her kitties. Tasha is a tortie so of course I enjoy posts about her! Franklin has such innocent playfulness in everything he does and his purrsonality shows in his expressive face! He's so cute! And Dobby is so handsome and has the cutest pink paws that I've ever seen! Be sure to visit their blog and I'm sure you'll be glad you did!
The next blog I'd like you to meet is Little Studio Photography and Jewellry.
I met Meghann from Little Studio through Etsy for Animals but I got to know her through her blog. On her blog she shares a little about her jewelry, her photos, her life and of course her dog Arwen!
Meghann has an ability to talk through her blog like she's sitting right next to you. Her caring personality shows through too. Be sure to pay her a visit!
Finally, I'd like you to meet Abby from Simply Charming in SC

Abby has the most wonderful ability to make her blog readers feel like you are long time friends. Her heart shows through in everything she does. A few weeks ago she received the Generosity award and passed it on to several people including me. But, she didn't stop there. She also sent each of us a present. I received beautiful earrings from her yesterday and she brought a very bright end to my really long week! I will be paying it forward after tax season is over when I can concentrate fully on making something special for my recipients. Abby also recently started a blog for her kitties called The FatKat Kronicles and Scooter is the main blogger for the kitty family.

Today happens to be Scooters 1st Birthday so be sure to stop by and send him your birthday wishes! While you're there, check out some of the earlier posts and I guarantee that you will have a smile on your face!


Duni said...

Thank you for highlighting these blogs. I am already a follower of FatKat Kronicles and love Scooter to bits!
I must check out the other blogs...I so love animals.

take care,


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful introduction for those blogs! We went over to meet Scooter and he's so cute.

Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful and heartwarming! Such a kewl thing, to send you a gift too!!!

Thanks Sharla for your comment on my blog, I am ready to pack, just send word and my camera and I will be ready!

The Monkeys said...

We already know and enjoy the Mishkat blog but we'll definitely check out the other two :)

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Tank woo fur sharing those special sites and special folks!

Happy Sunday!

PeeEssWoo: Hi Sadie!

Meghann said...

Aww, thanks so much for talking about us! This is why i gave you the award - you are friendly and generous :)
Hope you have a fantastic Sunday!

KZK said...

What a nice post!
I'll go do some visiting. :)

Mishkat said...

What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much, Sharla. I know Meghann's blog, of course, but had never seen Abby's FatCat Chronicles - it's great! The kitties say thank you too, for writing about them.

P.S. Would love to see a re-post of Isabella in the "Tax Stinks" post one of these days if you feel so inclined (I can't remember the title of that post, but it's very timely right about now!)

Abby said...

Dear Auntie Sharla,
Thank you very much for putting me up on your blog!! It's my birfday and lots of friendly people have come over to my blog to give me happy birfday wishes!! And it's all thanks to you! :)

Mommy says she's glad you liked your present, and she is also very happy to be your blogger friend!! :)

I get tooter fish for dinner tonight for my birfday!!! And Mommy says I might gets a present, too!! I'll blog about it later, I promise!

Scoo-Tar the Birfday Cat

Splendid Little Stars said...

Thanks for sharing those. And congratulations on your awards!

Anya said...

Yes Katie I now she is great, but I take a look with the others :))

Shell Mitchell said... cute. I always love the animals. Thanks for sharing these.

Cat with a Garden said...

We know Mishkat and love her bloggie. Have to meet the others!

Patti said...

Thanks for introducing me to these blogs. Just have to love puppies and kitties!

AM said...

Thank you for all your kind words while we are going through this heartbreak.

MagdaleneJewels said...

Sharla - love your blogs and thanks for all you do to help all these animals. It takes a very special person to do all you do.

Just wanted to share - after we lost our kitty 2 weeks ago - my son just ordered a Bengal Kitten.
I have visions of a Bengal Tiger coming through my living room!

mvegan said...

So wonderful, I love the first two already, have to check out the 3rd w/the cute kitties too! ;0) Michele

moxylyn said...

Arwen is beautiful!

tahtimbo said...

Congratulations on your awards! I will drop by the sites you mentioned and visit them. Have a great evening:) Oh, I finally finished doing my taxes (YEA!)