Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Fall-Day!

We love this time of year. The leaves are turning red on the trees and Mommy thinks they look so pretty.

But, what we really like about it is watching the leaves fall from the tree in the backyard.

It's fun to bat at them as they fall past the window. Plus, it means that once all the leaves fall, the birdies will be out in plain sight! Ooo, we can't wait!


Anonymous said...

They foliage is beautiful! Our Pecan leaves only turn brown when they all fall. The birdies would be more visible but then they leave our yard for a yard with trees that have leaves!

Ailurophile said...

Those leaves do look very puretty - and it's always fun watching the birdies..Leo and Fairy spend hours every morning bird watching!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Those red leaves are as pretty as any flower. The cats are very 'intense' looking out that window. If it was my cats, they would have moved that lamp out of their way;)

Anonymous said...

You two are just window shoppers! I have to agree with your mommie though, the fall leaves are beautiful!

Designing Hilary said...

I've been meaning to take a moment to tell you that I like your new look!!

Enjoy your fall ... and post lots of pictures for those of us who don't get much of a show for the season!

Anonymous said...

Dear Angel and Isabelle,

Poor girls, Mommy has been leaving you a lot lately. She thinks she is fooling us by saying you two are looking at the leaves falling, when you are really watching her leave (purrrphunny!).

We are lucky, there are too many of us for either of our beans to leave.

Hobo had to go in that jail box again to that place where there are more fur and skin people, and one who is especially daunting when since she puts something you know where...says for something like tempature? We wish we could tell her the room is cold so she did not do that to us to find out!

Anyway, Hobo has a bad breating problem now, and after he came back from the place Mommy takes us when we are sick or NOT, Hobo stayed in the closet for almost two days. I think I choose to not get a breathing problem!

Well furry ladies, enjoy your Daddy and all of those treats, you lucky ducks. Oh, sorry. Lucky kitties! Them are yummy stuff.

Sending a cyber-space butt smell exchange,

Cuddles a/k/a Pickles

Anonymous said...

What pretty pics. We love watching the leaves fall too, and you're right about a better view of the birds. We're glued to the windows in our house.
Gidget and Lola


Fall is such a gorgeous time! BTW- I work at Macy's at the Oak Park mall (per your comment on my blog. Hope you are enjoying Kansas.

Beadin By The Sea said...

Good to see that our furry friends enjoy the fall as much as we do! We don't have a lot of oak trees up here in the NW so it's great to see these beautiful colors of the changing seasons.

tahtimbo said...

This is my favorite time of the year as well. Koko loves to watch the birds at our feeders. When he gets lucky, the ducks stop by. Do your cats chase around the house when its windy out,too? Koko does this especially in the Fall and Spring.

Lux said...

That red leaf is so pretty! I'd like to watch leaves falling down too!

Robin said...

I think the different colors of leaves turning are so pretty to look at also. Your posts are so cute about your animals and what they might be thinking. Very cute pictures, thanks for sharing them with us. :-)