Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ready for summer!

I can't recall when I last saw the sunshine here in Oregon but boy am I ready for it to return! So are the cats! I think the first day the sun shines through the windows, I'll be laying in the sunbeams right beside Angel and Isabella. Our dog, Sadie, just wants it to stop raining so we can go on our walks in the forest again. It was nice here a couple of weeks ago but it was the day I left for Colorado so I missed it. It's been overcast and rainy ever since I returned a week ago. The weathercasters keep teasing us with sun in the forecast but I've yet to see it.

In the summer when the weather is hot here in the Willamette valley, we love to go to the coast where it's usually at least 10 degrees cooler. Sadie absolutely loves the beach. She runs in the surf then all over the sand and back into the water. She sleeps all the way home that's for sure! A good time is had by all!
Oregon is a beautiful state and very dog friendly so a great place to vacation for pet owners. There are many trails throughout the state that allow dogs plus the beaches are uncrowded so your furbaby can run all over. There's many lodging choices and plenty of outdoor cafes so everyone can have a good time and not be left at home. We just need summer to arrive quicker! All this rain is going to make this a truly beautiful and very green summer!
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Over The Top Aprons said...

Great Picture; definitely summer! Your etsy shop is quite nice; nice selections.

Unknown said...

your puppy looks so happy in that picture... i hope the nice weather comes your way soon!

Amanda said...

Your puppy is gorgeous...I really miss being close to beaches...thanks for sharing to give me my memories.