Sunday, April 20, 2008

Animal Awareness is more prominent lately!

Thanks to Oprah's show on puppy mills, I have been seeing more news about animal awareness causes and I'm so glad that people are beginning to talk about the issues so near and dear to my heart. Education is the key to stopping these horrible puppy mills from breeding animals into conditions no living creature deserves to be in. When we lived in the midwest, more people were aware of puppy mills since many are located in the heartland of America, however, when we told people in Oregon that our dog was rescued from a puppy mill, they didn't know what we were talking about. Thankfully it's now more known what some breeders have been doing to dogs sold in pet stores. With education and awareness comes the beginning of the end for animals suffering unnecessarily. With Oprah's lead, hopefully more loving animals will be adopted from animal shelters across America!

Another problem in need of attention is the animals left behind in the mortgage foreclosure issues hitting many families these days. This morning on the CBS Sunday Morning show, Ben Stein had a report bringing awareness to the innoncent animals left behind when people abandon their homes. Here's a link for his important report:

One day I hope we have no more homeless animals and certainly no abused animals. Together we can make it happen! To show support of animal awareness, we have bracelets with ribbons (as pictured) available at

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