Friday, April 25, 2008

My Alarm Clock is a Cat!

My alarm clock is a cat named Angel. Everyday without fail she goes off at 5am. She's a full body alarm clock that starts at my feet and walks up my entire body and across my pillow, often pulling my hair along the way, and then back down to my feet again. Some days she starts on my pillow, goes down to my feet and back up. Either way, she does the trick, she wakes me up. After going through all that, she wants me to lift up the covers so she can go down to my feet where she curls up and then starts her "motor". Many people have white noise machines that play sounds of the ocean or babbling brooks but there is no more relaxing sound in the world than my alarm clock's purr of a motor. This purr and soft fur against my skin are what makes my alarm clock something I actually look forward to every morning. Now if I can only figure out a way to change the time on it for a couple of hours later!


TotusMel said...

Man, I got an automatic pet feeder just to stop my four "alarm clocks" from getting me up at 4:30!

Anonymous said...

hahaha that is great!! Yup, without fail, my two dogs start crying around alarm is not supossed to go off until 7:30, but I guess the dogs don't really care when I WANT to get up! :)

Mixed Species said...

Great post! Our cats used to just paw at our face until we got up and fed them. Guess that's better than them eating us!

snowy652 said...

awwwwww sweet --- I miss my baby cat

blessings ~ Shell

Jan Thompson said...

Boy, truer words were never spoken. I have two terriers and they are my alarm clock. I don't turn out the lights until at least 2am, mind you they have been sleeping on the couch since at least 10pm, so they wake me up at 6am, or whenever it gets light. I always have to have a nap in the afternoon to catch up.

LOL, enjoyed this post.

Sandee said...

Look at you Angel. You're adorable. And six years younger too.

Have a purrfect day. I just wanted this post to have six comments. ♥♥♥