Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Love Cat's Eye Beads!

I just love cat's eye beads, not only because they have the word "cat" in them, but because of the dimension and color of these gorgeous beads. My mom made beautiful cat's eye beaded earrings with sterling silver accents and I listed them in our shop recently. Pictured here are the Black Cat's Eye Earrings and Purple Cat's Eye Earrings which are two of my favorite colors.

We have many cat's eye bracelets and several necklaces in our shop too. Our first sale was one of the first purple cat's eye bracelets I made for our shop. I was wondering which item would be the first to sell so it was very exciting to see one of my favorites that I made be the first to go to a new home! In honor of our first sale, I donated $50 to the ASPCA since the true reason of our shop is to raise funds for the prevention of animal cruelty and raise awareness of animal causes.

Hopefully we'll have more sales soon so we can keep the money going to worthy causes! Donations can also be made directly to the ASPCA by clicking on the widget at the top of our blog. Thank you for helping us help the animals!

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