Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Sadieday!

Since Mommy works from home and has 4 day weekends in the summer, I lose track of time and am never sure what day it is. Every day seems to be a lazy summer day.
But Mommy said today is Sadieday!
Well, that means it's a day for a smile...
and a WOOOOOO!
Mommy didn't get my WOO on video but trust me, it was a long and loud WOO!
I hope WOO have a Happy Sadieday! Now Mommy has to take care of some business.
I'm a little tardy in announcing some awards we received recently. Julie Magers Soulen gave us the Lovely Blog Award!
I came across Julie's Etsy shop while searching for Friday Feature finds and at first noticed her gorgeous photography but then noticed that she lives near our old hometown of Loveland, CO. I've since started following her wonderful blog and would certainly recommend you checking it out! Thank you so much for the award Julie!
Ruthie from Rose Works Jewelry gave me the Premio Meme Award!
Ruthie is a very talented beadwork artist who I admire so much. She battles health issues but doesn't let that dampen her wonderful spirit nor hold her back from creating lovely jewelry and maintaining 2 Etsy shops and 3, yes 3!, blogs! Thank you Ruthie

Anyway, the rules of this award is that I am to give 7 facts about myself and pass it to 7 people. I'll try to come up with 7 facts so here goes:

1) I rarely feel bored unless it's something work related :)
2) I've never had an orange cat but hope to one day
3) I've had an article published in a finance magazine when I was in Graduate school
4) I love flowers but am not very good at gardening
5) Eels give me the eebie jeebies especially after encountering one while snorkeling in Maui
6) I would be very content to spend all day on a beach
7) I love weekends!

Okay, now I will pass it on to the following 7 people in no particular order:
1) Lily at Tulips Talking
2) Patti at Peacox Creations
3) Becky at Miesmama
4) Erika at NICO Designs
5) Michele at moxylyn
6) Nancy at Nanjodogz
7) Tim at Everyday Living


Duni said...

Sadie, you're so sweet! Happy Sadieday to WOO too!

moxylyn said...

Oh my gosh I love those!! She looks so happy. Too bad your not close to Virginia Beach.. I know an awesome young orange cat that could really benefit from new owners. I wanted him myself but couldn't get him acclimated to living indoors in a short amount of time.

I see I'm on that list! Wonder if I can come up with 7 facts about myself and not mention puppies!

Kristin said...

Every day is Sadieday!!! LOL, Too cute!! Love the howl!

Lin said...

Whooohooo! Saturday!! I'm with Sadie on that one. :)

As for the orange cat--get an orange male--there is nothing like them. My aunt works at Animal Welfare and swears that the Orange Males are the most sweet. I have to agree after having two.

Meghann said...

Sadie is just the cutest dog (besides Arwen, of course), her smiles and Roo's are just hilarious!
Congratulations on the awards, you certainly deserve them - your blog is always a delight to visit every morning :)

The Army of Four said...

Hey Sadie! Wooooooooo!

earthtoholly said...

What a gorgeous smile...and Happy Sadieday to you, too!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Happy Sadieday! And you are way to sweet m'dear :D

Memories for Life said...

Happy SadieDay to you too :)
Good thing mommy reminds you when it's time for your photo shoots!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Oh my!

SadieDay sooooo brings smiles to all of us here in Pawsylvania!

Khould woo teach me how to do that woo thing? I don't but Mom sooooo wishes I would!


Anonymous said...

WOO WOOF Sadie! Happy Sadie Day.

And thank you for the blog award...


Mishkat said...

These are excellent photos of Sadie - almost like studio portraits. I love the last one - WOOOOO!

And congratulations on the award - your "facts" are great. Dobby says orange cats are the best - and of course, torties are part orange too!

Sandy said...

I always have to look twice to find your comments section. I never expect comments to be before the post, and the print is soooooo tiny. My eyes have a hard time with it. But, I did find it and here I am. I hope you also have a good Sadie day. You do look quite comfy there on the bed. Shhhhh your secrets safe with me.

What a cute picture
swing by for a visit, lots of places for you to virtually travel too, I've been adding goodies.

tahtimbo said...

Thank you very much for the award, I'll try to find 7 things about myself:) Great pictures of Sadie! Is she excited about going for another walk? Have a great Sadieday!

uniquecommodities said...

Have a great day Sadie!

Unknown said...

Woot! Thanks for the mention sweet lady!

Anya said...

Hi my sweetie

You are so cute today
I send you many hugs.....
The pictures are so lovely ,
you can be proud on sadie day !!
Its everyday CAT DAY !!

Kareltje =^.^=


Leather Made Nice said...

Sadie is very sweet!
Kudos to your award winners.

Anne ^i^

The Monkeys said...

Unfortunately we both tried to WOO for you but it just didn't work. The enthusiasm was there though!

Happy Sadie Day!

Becky said...

congrats on your awards, and thank you so much for picking me to pass it on to! :D

Patti said...

~~~~~~~waving at sweet Sadie~~~~~~~
I'd recommend an orange cat, too! Our orange male is the sweetest thing on earth...when he's not being a holy terror!
Thanks for the award...I'm thinking!

libu said...

hi Sadie! my Teddy sends a big Ohhuuu!! he has a yodel bark that makes me laugh... Lisa

vanilla said...

Wonderful photos!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the blog award! I hope you and your critters have a wonderful Fourth of July (hope firecrackers don't scare them too much like they do my pup)