Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Cat's Favorite Etsy Purchase!

I've posted about several of my favorite Etsy purchases but today, Isabella wants to share her favorite Etsy purchase. She absolutely loves her new Spider Cat Toy from CasbahKitten!

Every night she has a routine where she has to play before bed. The play sessions now last twice as long because she doesn't want to stop playing with the spider! She also got Luv Hearts Cat Toys and she carries them all over the house so we find them in different places every day. Angel likes the hearts too and will throw them into the air during play times.

As can be seen by these photos, Isabella certainly isn't dainty with her spider. She bites it, tugs it and pulls on the legs. CasbahKitten makes very durable and cute cat toys that any kitty would love to have. Isabella and Angel highly recommend them!

Be sure to check out CasbahKitten's shop and see a whole array of cute cat toys. Jelly Bean and Pickles are always at work at CasbahKitten and have come up with cat toys that they love and your kitty will love. Isabella and Angel certainly do!


kim* said...

Yeah that is my cat,Cleo's type of toy. He loves the stringy things or milk cap twist offs.


My cats would absolutely love that! How cute! I will have to check it out. I love how your site is about helping animals

Aimee Dars said...

Great photo! I especially love the second one. What an expression! : )

Mishkat said...

I love seeing photos of Isabella - hooray for torties! And I agree that CasbahKitten's cat toys are the best - we have the pickle and our cats fight over it.

Lux said...

Omigoodness - I want one!