Wednesday, July 9, 2008

WOW! Three Treasuries in One Day!

After I finished working for the day, I decided to check out the Treasury since I checked out Treasury West this morning. Lo and behold I found that little yellow star indicating that one of our products was in a Treasury!
Thanks so much to noahsarkcollections for not only including us in her Treasury West collection, as noted in the next post, but she also put our Orange-Red Tabby Cat pendant necklace in her Treasury collection titled Sweetie, Cutie and Loveable! I am thrilled and humbled beyond words!

As I've said before it's an incredible honor to be picked by our peers and put in their Treasury. Much gratitude to noahsarkcollection and also to tasteslikepurple! Be sure to check out their great Etsy shops by clicking on their name!


Aroma Fields said...

Love the animal awareness charity work that you do. Bless the little fur people. Congrats on the treasuries you've been in!

BeadedTail said...

Thank you very much aroma fields! Our work to help animal awareness causes is very important to us so I really appreciate your comments!