Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Everyone needs some lovin'!

I once heard that everyone needs someone in their life to love whether it's family, friends or pets. Having some other living creature to care for makes all the difference. Many people have big families, lots of friends and several pets while others have small families, few friends and one or two pets. Even if someone has just one important person, or pet, in their life, happiness abounds. The quantity does not matter, it's the quality of those relationships that is meaningful.

As our cats, Angel and Isabella, are demonstrating, we may not get along all the time but we can still show compassion for each other (hopefully it's not while being squished in a cat bed by your little sister!) Don't forget to seek out and nurture relationships with the people, or pets, that you love and make you happy. Keep in contact with family and friends, volunteer in your community or adopt a pet from an animal shelter. Spread the love and reap the rewards!!



Oh, what an adorable photo! I LOVE animals! Thanks for sharing it!


Unknown said...

Ah, what a cute picture!! Your cats sure love each other!

Aimee Dars said...

What a great photo! Love your blog and the attention it brings to animals!