Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tortie Tuesday

Did you get to see the solar eclipse yesterday? If so, I hear it was amazing. If not, yeah, I didn't either. I was taking my five hour morning nap... 
When Mommy came in babbling something about the total solar eclipse happening at 10:17am...
Seriously Mommy? You woke me up for an eclipse? 
Clearly she didn't realize it meant it was going to get dark and what do we do when it gets dark? That's right. Sleep. *sigh* Anyway, I knew my little sisfur was watching her watch the eclipse because, well, she doesn't let Mommy out of her sight...
See, it got dark! I guess the stars came out too. I wouldn't know. I was sleeping.

How was your view of the eclipse?

Hope you enjoy a nap this Tortie Tuesday!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Finally Friday

Boy are we glad it's Friday! We're looking forward to a weekend with no noisy strangers. Why just a weekend? Well, progress has been made on the deck...
But they won't finish today so they'll return Monday afternoon after this little event that's happening called the Total solar eclipse. We're in the path of totality so hundreds of thousands of peeps are coming to our neck of the woods to watch it. As a result, the locals are staying off the roads Monday morning. Our Daddy said that yesterday the lines into the gas stations were so long cars were in the street trying to turn in! Don't worry, we have enough foods and treats so we'll be okay! We also have our ISO approved eclipse shades...
We're ready for everything! Especially the weekend!

Are you in the path of the solar eclipse?

Happy weekend to you!
Angel and Isabella

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tortie Tuesday

While I was sleeping someone stole our deck...
I didn't want to get closer to the door for fear someone would steal me too. Torties are valuable you know. Just sayin.

Enjoy your Tortie Tuesday!