Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

We sure needed last weekend around here. Of course it was a long holiday weekend but that didn't matter since Mommy was sick and Isabella was really, really sick. We all felt bad for Bella because of her stuffed up nose, runny eyes and lethargy. She made Cod awful noises while breathing and her sneezes could be heard from anywhere in the house. Mommy thought she needed fresh air so even though it was barely 40 degrees outside, we both got fresh air - from our own windows of course...
Because of Mommy needing to rest up for her show today, I put a stop to any more beady goodie making...
Whatever inventory we had is what she's taking today including all these earrings...
And there's even some journals in this box...
The break must have helped because both Mommy and Isabella were feeling better yesterday. Isabella played with a piece of soft fleece and even tried to bite it so her mouth must be better too! She is still stuffed up and sneezing but not near as bad as she was. She even felt well enough to notice the introoder Dooney in our yard...
Daddy and I are glad both of them are finally on the mend. Mommy is a lousy patient anyway let alone when she is up most the night listening to Isabella. Sick plus tired equals cranky! The mood did lighten considerably when Isabella played and was more alert yesterday. I'm still staying away from her and I promise to leave her alone today while Mommy is at her show too. We do want to pass along thanks for all the purrs!

How was your weekend?

Hope you're doing well today!

PeeS: Mommy here: We don't know what caused the cuts on Isabella's nose and probably never will. The dental specialist is at a different vet's office than our regular one and she pretty much said any follow up will be done with our regular vet who I talked to on Friday. I told her about Isabella's nose and she was pretty shocked and didn't know what would've caused it unless whatever was used to give Isabella the inhaler twice during the procedure had a sharp edge that cut her. She was concerned about Isabella's URI but knew the Clavamox would start working which it finally did. Isabella has been eating her wet food since the night of her dental but we hadn't seen her drink water until yesterday. The vet had said that drinking or eating closes off the only way she could breathe so we could expect to see her back off of those. Isabella certainly didn't back off from food though which was a good sign so seeing her drink was a great sign! Her daddy and I feel so bad for putting her through all this but it's a relief knowing her teeth won't hurt her any more and she'll never have to go through another dental again! Now if we can just keep Angel from catching the URI all will be great once again!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Finally Friday

We hope all our US friends enjoyed their Thanksgiving! I slept through it. All of it. Well, I did get up to eat but other than that, I slept. I'm up today just long enough to see what's on the Birdie Network. As you can see, I also got rid of that awful cone. I'm a good girl so I don't need it...
Anyway, I'm going to sleep through the rest of the day and probably the weekend too. I'll feel better soon though. Mommy says I have to, there's no other option.

I do want to thank everyone for all the purrs and prayers for me during all this. I can't begin to express how much it all means to me and my Mommy and Daddy!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

PeeS: Mommy here: Isabella is eating very well despite losing all her teeth but she started sneezing Tuesday, the day before her dental surgery. We told the vet this on Wednesday but she said her lungs were clear and even sounded better than they had at the initial consultation several weeks ago. By the time Isabella got home on Wednesday her nose was very runny and she was sneezing a lot. Yesterday her eyes were watery and the sneezing was pretty constant. We started the antibiotics Wednesday evening so she's now had four doses and it seems to be working a little. If she's not better by tomorrow we'll take her in but we're trying to avoid another car ride. Also, we noticed they cut her nose in two places which is very upsetting and we have no idea what would have caused this. This has been such an ordeal for all of us but hopefully she starts improving and that Angel doesn't catch whatever she has either. Angel won't even be in the same room as Isabella so at least that's one good thing right now.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're recycling our post from 2009 but the sentiments are the same. We do want to add that we're very thankful we're together today after our day yesterday which you can read about here in case you didn't see our update. Enjoy this rerun and especially enjoy your day!
We want to wish Happy Thanksgiving to our furiends here in the U.S. and say how thankful we are for our furiends throughout the world!

We have many things to be thankful for this year including...

A loving furever home
Plenty of food and treats
Lots of toys to play with
Sunshine on our furs
Sisfurs (and beans) to snuggle with
Windows to watch the birdies through

I could go on and on Mommy but it's time to bring on the Turkey!
That's not exactly what I had in mind.

Hope your home is filled with happiness, your heart is filled with love, and your belly is full of yummy foods!

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!
Angel, Isabella and our Mommy