Friday, October 2, 2015

Room with a View

We realize many people believe tax returns end on April 15th but that's not true. There's always something on extension or various due dates or even monthly client bookkeeping so we spend a lot of time working in our home office. This is Mommy's view...
And this is my view...
You can see the leaves turning yellow but that doesn't mean closed windows yet. Oh no. It just means Mommy freezes in the 50 degree mornings while I enjoy my beautiful open window view! 

In case you're wondering about Isabella. She sometimes helps when work doesn't interfere with her 16 hour nap breaks. 

Are you a worker or a napper?

Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tortie Tuesday

You know I'm a Tortie supermodel when I can pose for a beautiful photo...
While the Jays are squawking and causing a commotion outside...
My little sisfur doesn't have such restraint but she's not a Tortie or a purrfessional supermodel like me! 

The birds, especially the Jays, have been super noisy around here lately. Are they noisy in your neck of the woods too?

Have a beautiful Tortie Tuesday!