Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reasons why I love Etsy!

Of course I love being able to sell on Etsy but when I'm not working on our shop, I love to shop on Etsy! I have made a few purchases but mostly I do a lot of "window shopping" and marking favorites for when I'm able to buy. Every day I'm always amazed at the selection and creativity of the artists on Etsy.

One thing that I love about Etsy is being able to purchase custom items made just for me as many shops will do custom orders. One such purchase I made was to have SunnysWoodNGifts make me a bookmarker with my own quote - a saying that I use all the time but isn't on any other product in the world! During this process, I had several Etsy Conversation's (their messaging service) with her and she made me the cutest bookmarker! Sunny is such a pleasure to work with and it made this purchase that much more special to me. I read every single night and it is so great to have a bookmarker made especially for me!

There are so many diverse products on Etsy, many of which I had never seen or heard of before. One such item is the Heart-shaped Bird Nest Builder/Helper that I bought from TheNatureNut . I had read about this item on her blog and at the time I thought it was pretty clever. A few weeks passed and one day I walked out onto our deck and saw pieces of coconut all over after the birds tried to pull it out of our hanging plant basket liners and I realized exactly why this product was created. I looked at the mess, turned right around and went to the computer and bought a set of two of the bird nest builder/helpers. Kathleen lives in Canada so I would never have come across her products if it hadn't been for Etsy. I received it within a week of purchase and they are now filled with lots of goodies for the birds to build a fabulous nest!

Some other choices from Etsy, which I haven't yet tried but will someday, include handmade soap such as this Raspberry Walnut Panna Cotta from savor. How's this for eye-candy? **See update below!

And this real candy, Peanut Butter Flutter Chocolate Bark made by Carnival. Doesn't this look scrumptous?

There are many, many more shops that I ♥ on Etsy. Eventually I hope to buy something from all of them!

All photos were taken by the shop owners and are in their Etsy shops.


Although I didn't purchase the soap listed above from SavorSoap, I did purchase her Amaretto Honey Oatmeal soap and let me tell you, that is my all time favorite scent from any soap I've ever tried! It's fabulous and not only smells great, it makes you skin feel great! I highly recommend it!


Carnival said...

Hi :)

Thanks for featuring my "Peanut Butter Flutter Bark". I love your blog. I'll be back again to visit!

Elegant by Design said...

Thanks for posting your blog on my etsy thread...
your blog is a lot of fun to read and the pictures make it very interesting. I'll be back to visit!

The Peach Tree said...

I'm a HUGE window shopper myself :) Great post!

ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

Carnival's Peanut Butter candy looks wonderful!

Nicole Solo said...

I want to pick up that soap and take a big bite!

Paper Girl Productions said...

I love to shop Etsy too! In fact I'm looking right now!

Regal Beads said...

oh I know! lovely buys

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I'm nosey and am always intrigued by the favorites of others. I too have eyed the Nature Nut's birds' nest helpers and Carnival's treats are simply evil! What a fun blog read!