Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's coming together!

Work tends to get in the the way this time of year, being tax season and all, but our shop is still growing and getting more views every day although we are still waiting on that elusive first sale. Mom has been busy making bracelets and they are being put on our Etsy site slowly but surely. I make bracelets every chance I get but unfortunately those chances are few and far between until April 15th. One of these days we'll have our first sale, I just know it.

We went to the local humane society yesterday looking for cat furniture in their little shop and man were they busy! It's so good to see many people out looking to adopt homeless pets but it also reminds me that we need to educate people on the benefits of spaying and neutering so no animal is left without a loving home. Hence the entire purpose of our Etsy shop. We really want to raise funds to send to animal awareness causes to reduce the pet population as well as animal cruelty. I know we will in all due time.

We also joined Etsy for Animals to help raise awareness for animal causes. Their site is Please visit to purchase great products donated by Etsy members which 100% will go to animal awareness causes. They also have a blog at so be sure to check it out also. Although we would love to sell our jewelry to everyone, our main objective is to help the animals so please patronize either our shop, or the Etsy for Animals shop so the animals benefit.

Continue to check out our Etsy shop for new bracelets added periodically!

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